Erectile dysfunction is defined as failure to get or maintain a firm erection that lasts long enough for satisfactory physical intercourse. ED is one of the most common sexual disorders among men and its incidence is high in elderly men. But that does not mean it cannot affect young men. ED can affect men at any stage in their life, but its incidence increases as the age of a man increases.

Erectile dysfunction has a deep effect on close relationships, superiority of life, and overall self-worth. ED may also be the presenting indication of unnoticed cardiovascular disease. The financial impact of this disorder is multi-factorial, with direct expenses that comprises of doctor's evaluation, pharmacotherapy, and investigative testing, and indirect costs that comprises of lost time at work, lost output, and effects on the man's spouse, relations, and colleagues.

ED is not a type of problem any man wants to get associated to. Only one in twenty of these men look for management. Men are often self-conscious about being impotent, and prefer to avoid intercourse rather than looking for treatment. This is regrettable, because constant loss of erection is not ordinary at any age. In addition, loss of erection can be an indication of a serious medical illness, such as cardiovascular disorders or diabetes.

There are many treatments available to treat erectile dysfunction. One can choose from herbal methods, oral drugs or surgical methods. Herbal methods are unreliable and take long-time to show any benefit. Surgical methods are used in rare cases, where all other methods to treat ED fails.

The best method to treat ED is by using oral drugs. Filitra 60mg is a very effective and potent drug in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is well-known for its quick and safe action. It contains Vardenafil as its main component that belongs to a class of drugs called Oral Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors (PDE Inhibitors).

Filitra is used in the first-line therapy of erectile dysfunction in men. Vardenafil present in this drug shows its action by inhibiting the action of Phosphodiesterase enzymes that result in supply of sufficient blood at male genitalia. This action maintains erection of male genitalia and allows him to participate in sexual activity.

Filitra gives the desired result (firm erection) within minutes of its intake. It is available in the form of a tablet that is taken via mouth with a full glass of water, before an hour of sexual intercourse. The selection of dose depends on the intensity and duration of the disorder. Do not take more than one dose of this drug in a day as it can lead to over-dosing symptoms.

An individual who is suffering from cardiovascular disorders like stroke, angina, or low BP should not take this drug.  Do not take nitrates or its derivatives along with this drug as it can lead to severe fall in blood pressure and hypotensive effects.

Side effects of Filitra include nausea, vomiting, painful or prolong erection, hypotension, headache and visual disturbances. These adverse effects are generally short-term and some individuals may not even get them.

Safety measures:

  • If you are allergic to Vardenafil or any other ingredient present in this tablet, then avoid the use of this medication as it can result in allergic reactions.
  • Do not engage in work that needs proper mental concentration like driving car or handling machinery equipments, just after taking this medication.
  • Do not provide the drug to the children and women.
  • Do not take grapefruits or its juice and fatty acid rich diet, as it may hold back the absorption of Filitra.


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