Acne (pimples) can be a minor humiliation or a huge crisis that causes you to be very self conscious. Sadly, acne smacks individuals at a time when they want to look their best. Thus there arises a need to treat this skin problem. And ACCUTANE (Generic Isotretinoin) is an oral retinoid medicine for severe acne, which acts by shrinking the oil glands. This lessens the presence of pimples as these stains lives in sebum (Ewwwwww!!!). Generic Isotretinoin is a synthetic version of Vitamin A.

Acne naturally emerges on your face, chest, neck, shoulders and back. These skin regions have the most sebaceous (oil) glands. Pimples occur when hair follicles get clogged with dead skin cells and oil. Acne results in breakouts of pimples, blackheads and cysts.

Four main factors that result in acne

  • Bacteria
  • Dead skin cells
  • Oil production
  • Clogged pores


Blemish-free and fair skin is what most of the teenagers nowadays long for. Spotless skin means a perfect, radiant and even toned skin tone. But because of acne scars, dark spots, pimple marks, or due to the hyperpigmentation your skin may appear patchy and a long way from immaculate skin type.

Accutane approved by FDA is proven to be a miracle for blemish-prone skin and those who have been trying many other acne treatments. Isotretinoin works in acne treatment by suppressing the sebaceous glands present in your skin, these causes the production of oil, as a result less oil will be formed in your skin.  Bacteria that cause acne flourish and feed off sebum. Overproduction of sebum inhibits the sebum glands, and pooled with the bacteria, these glands swell up and produce spots.


Accutane is available as a capsule to be taken orally. This drug is typically consumed twice a day with meals for four to five months at a time. Swallow the Accutane capsule as a whole without breaking or crushing with a glass full of water. It may take quite a lot of weeks or longer for you to experience the full advantages of this medication.

This medication works for serious (nodular) acne, offering long-lasting and now and again total reduction of acne in 80% of patients. This problem of serious nodular acne occurs when many red, puffy, tender bulges get produced in the skin. These can range from the size of pencil erasers or bigger. If left untreated, nodular acne can bring about lasting scars.

Having this form of acne can be collectively devastating, so the possibility of a proper cure can be life-changing. Accutane 10mg is a potent solution that is very efficient for almost all kinds of breakouts.

Isotretinoin may cause side effects such as dry skin, nose, eyes, or mouth, bleeding or inflamed gums, sweating, red, cracked, and sore lips, flushing, cold symptoms, alterations in skin color, hair loss or unnecessary hair growth, voice changes and/or fatigue. You must contact your nearby physician if any of these signs become serious or do not go away.

Precautionary measures to be implemented before taking Accutane 10mg

  • Accutane 10mg must not be given to a pregnant or a breast-feeding female.
  • Do not use cosmetic formulas to smooth your skin, together with waxing, or laser procedures, while you are using this medication and for a minimum of six months after you stop.
  • Avoid driving at night until you make out if Generic Isotretinoin has affected your vision as this drug may reduce your ability to see in the dark.
  • Avoid donating blood while you are taking Accutane 10mg and for 1 month after your treatment.

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