Aziderm cream is an effective medication, which can effectively treat certain type of skin disorders like acne, pimples and blackhead formation. Every individual in the world wants a glowing and attractive skin, but certain disorders like acne made skin bad and unattractive. Due to these skin disorders, the natural beauty of the skin is lost and it results in a bad look. An individual, who is suffering from skin disorder, also feels unpleasantly. It can also cause some other disorders like mental disorders.


The growth of bacteria is responsible for the development of acne. The individual may get bacterial infection from its contact or by other methods or due to any vehicles. Generally bacterial infections cause acne due to accumulation of some substances. These skin disorders can be treated by using various methods like medications or topical drugs like Aziderm cream. It will also help to glow and brighten the skin by reducing skin disorders.


Buy Aziderm cream and maintain a glowing skin. It contains Azelaic acid as a main active ingredient. It is derived from fatty acids. It has capability to kill both types of bacteria i.e. anaerobic and aerobic bacteria by inhibiting the formation of their cellular protein.


  • In case of aerobic bacteria, it reversibly prevents the working of several enzymes like mitochondrial enzymes of the respiratory chain and oxidoreductive enzyme like tyrosinase.
  • In case of presence of anaerobic bacteria, it obstructs the process of glycolysis in the body of bacteria, which causes death of bacteria.
  • In case of lesions, it decreases the thickness of the layer of skin or stratum corneum. It results in the shrinking of keratohyalin granules. In this way lesions get shrinked and treat successfully.


Therefore, in above mentioned manners, Aziderm cream can treats various types of skin conditions effectively and safely.


This medication is used by many individual to get a fairer and healthy skin, but in some individuals it can cause harmful effects. So they should avoid this medication; such as the individuals, who are hypersensitive to Azelaic acid or any other ingredients of this cream, should not use this drug. It should not be used in case of sunburned, dry, irritated, wind-burned, chapped and broken skin.


How to use Aziderm cream?

It is a topical medication, which should be used with care. The individual should use this drug as follow-

  • The individual should wash hand and affected cleanly before using this drug.
  • Then the individual should apply a sufficient amount of this medication on affected area usually twice a day (generally in the morning and at bedtime).


The use of Aziderm cream may cause some side effects in some individuals. These are general side effects, which do not require medical attention. These include itching, stinging, warmth, dryness, redness and change in skin color.


Before using Aziderm cream, the individual should know about safety points, which can enhance efficacy and safety of this medication; such as after using this drug, wash your hands cleanly, if hand is not an affected area. In case of breastfeeding, you should use this drug with extra care. Keep this drug away from the region of mouth and eyes.


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