Abortion is a procedure of concluding unintended pregnancy. Taking a decision for abortion is not an easy step for any female, but due to various undesired conditions it becomes essential to perform abortion. The main reasons for abortion are pregnancy due to the failure of contraception method, rape, poor economic status, problems between the couples, and birth defect in child and health issues in mother. While thinking about abortion, many questions rises in the mind of a female such as which methods are safe for performing abortion, how to perform abortion?

The answer to all your questions is here in the form of abortion pill. It comprises of generic Mifepristone and Misoprostol as a vital component. Buy Mifepristone Abortion pill online at a cheap price from our authentic pharmacy store and execute safe and harmless abortion. Abortion with this pill also provides privacy to a female to abort her pregnancy on her own without the help of medical practitioner.

How does abortion pill terminates pregnancy?

A Mifepristone tablet stops the production of progesterone hormone. It is a vital chemical liberated in the reproductive organ which supports the growth of fetus. As the release of progesterone is obstructed, the development of fetus also stops because the fetus gets separated from uterine lining. This pill also dilates the cervix which assists in removal of dead fetus sections from the uterus. At this stage, female starts to bleed, leading to the flushing out of all the matter from the uterus.

The tablet known as generic Misoprostol leads to the contractions in uterus, which plays an essential role in clearing the womb of fetal leftovers.

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Procedure to ingest abortion pill

  • Abortion with Mifepristone: You have to administer 3 pills of generic Mifepristone (200mg each) along with an ample amount of water. After a time span of 3 days visit a nearby doctor for the confirmation of abortion.
  • Abortion with Misoprostol: You have to ingest 12 pills in a three divided dose at a time interval of 4 hours.


Firstly you have to consume 4 pills of generic Misoprostol (200mcg each) along with an ample amount of water.

After a gap of 4 hours you again have to ingest four pills of Misoprostol along with water.

Again after time duration of 4 hours you have to gulp up four pills of generic Misoprostol with water.


Various adverse effects shown by Abortion pill are headache, weakness, feeling sleepy, lethargic, diarrhea, chills, fever, nausea and vomiting.

Use of abortion pill should be avoided under following conditions:

  • In case of pregnancy outside the uterus, you should not use this medicine.
  • If you are oversensitive to generic Mifepristone, Misoprostol or any of other ingredient present in this medicine, then you should not administer this medicine.
  • If you are experiencing ovarian and endometrial problems, then you should not ingest this medicine.
  • Do not consume this medicine, if you are having a history of anemia and leukemia.
  • If your pregnancy is of more than of 63 days, then you should not ingest this medicine.
  • You should remove intra-uterine device before using this medication as it may causes vaginal infection.

Safety precautions that one must take after abortion:

  • You should avoid performing physical intercourse with your partner for two weeks because it may increase the chances of vaginal infection.
  • You should not lift heavy objects and avoid performing activities that require more energy because it put extra pressure on your lower pelvic region.
  • You should consume healthy diet such as nutrition, vitamin, carbohydrates and iron after abortion to recover blood loss and heal quickly.

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