That coffee date with your cute classmate guy. Going for a party with your friends. Any wedding to attend next month. We girls are willing to be pulled in varied directions every day and we always want to look the epitome of flawless wherever we go. But, let's face it that all of us are not blessed with the natural beauty. Since no one is perfect in this world and so for attaining the closeness to perfection, everyone tries many things every day. At every special occasion, we want to have that fluttering eyes with astonishing eyelashes to boost our glance and leave a memorable mark in someone's notion.


This could be possible when you are having long, luscious, feathery lashes. If you do not have and want to grow tempting lashes then give a try on Careprost to accomplished astonished with mesmerizing eyes. Careprost is effective in treating hypotrichosis or Madarosis of eyelashes, which is the condition of undersized and deficient eyelashes.

Brief description about Careprost eye drops-

Careprost is a solution used as an eye drop for eyes in order to make your short and insufficient lashes to be big, dark, and thick. Careprost was prominent in treating the only ophthalmic condition of glaucoma earlier. However, with its beneficial effects on lashes, FDA has approved it for the effectiveness on eyelashes.

Bimatoprost is the potent constituent of Careprost brand, which belongs to the prostaglandin and thus is a prostaglandin analog. Hence, Careprost (Bimatoprost) works on maintaining eye pressure to treat glaucoma and on the hair growth phases for lashes. By extending the anagen phase and contracting the resting phase during the growth cycle of hair, Careprost is liable to make your inadequate and short eyelashes to be dark, long, and thick.

The way to use Careprost-

Careprost is an ophthalmic preparation, which should be used or applied on the external region of only upper lash line margin. Do not need to use on the lower lashes because it meets with the lower one when you close the eyes. For an effective use, apply the Careprost solution with the applicator provided or you can use a clean and dry eyeliner brush. Start to draw the line from the inner region to the outer part as eyeliner.

The dosing schedule of Careprost involves the only one-time application of Careprost during nighttime before going to bed. Use the solution for the duration of 12-16weeks so that it will show effects within 8weeks period. Make sure before using Careprost, you should have removed your makeup and contact lenses.

Some possibly seen adverse effects with the use of Careprost may include increased sensitivity to light, headache, blurred vision, iris pigmentation, dry eyes, or warmth sensation at the applied area. Safety precautions while using Careprost involves-

  • Wipe the excess of Careprost liquid after the use else, it may lead to the unwanted growth of hair on the face.
  • Use of Careprost should not be allowed if you have any oversensitivity to any moiety of Careprost.
  • If you have any other ophthalmic issue then do not apply Careprost.
  • Maintain the time difference of 10-15minutes after using Careprost if you want to reinsert the lenses or want to use any other medication.
  • Using Careprost during any other medical condition is not allowable else, it can cause drug interaction and aggravation of side effects.

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