Surveyed results unveil that the feature that girls love or admire the most are their eyes. Second position the feature hold is lips. To prove our studies we flip has a glimpse of the series of selfies. Heavy eye makeup and pouted lips of the girls was the common gesture that is present in each selfie when we flip through umpteen.

Girls do admit that they love wearing heavy makeup over their eyes and especially prefer putting mascara to their eyelash to embellish the person with a look in which the eyelash are dark, long, thick and appeasing in appearance. Girls admitted that wearing mascara on to their eyelash make them feel confident, impressive and outgoing to grab any opportunity that comes on to them.


Do the love or greed to get a long, dark and thick eyelash impelling you to use enormous cosmetic products especially eye primer, mascara and many other. Do at times you feel tired of trying out the tricks for getting the eyelash your prefer and are sick of using different beauty products then give the last try to the cosmetic product cum pharmaceutical product Bimat Eye Drops. This ophthalmic preparation when applied to eyelash for duration minimum 8-12 weeks the patient can overcome their medical issue of hypotrichosis of eyelashes.

The ophthalmic solution Bimat enfolds the generic ingredient Bimatoprost 0.3% that imparts its therapeutic indication on the patient by stretching the Anagen Phase and shortening the Telogen phase to enhance the length of the eyelash. Medicine dilates the dermal papilla under the skin of eyelid to enhance the thickness of the eyelash and stimulates the process of melanin synthesis to enhance the darkening of the eyelash.

Method to the application of Bimat Eye drop is simple; first, clean your face with mild face wash or cleanser and let your face to dry. Now pour a drop over the applicator brush and stretch a line from inner corner to the outer edge. Wipe out an extra solution with aid of tissue else, the growth of hairs will occur to this region. Apply this medication onto the eyelash daily once in the night prior going to bed for sleep.  

Malicious effects to the usage of Bimat eye drop are irritation, dryness, mild burning, redness in eyes, puffiness with redness to eyelids, headache, darkening of skin under the eyes. There occurs pigmentation to iris in some cases.

A handful of preventive measures that patient should opt when they are adding this medication to their eyes includes prevention from the touch of applicator brush with bare hands to prevent the transfer of microbial flora. It's mandatory to take out the contact lenses from the eyes prior putting a drop to precarious eyes. Take the lapse of minimum 10 minutes when adding two different drops in the eyes for getting the different therapeutic effect.

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