A married life cannot be termed as happy married life until both the partners are equally committed towards their relationship and efforts equally to bring the best from their relationship. A marriage works well when both the partners are on their way out to support each other and mending the bridges between them due to any emotional, though or sensual conflictions. Yes, you hear correct! Sensual conflictions are quite common between the couple, who are not able to find a valuable time for their partner due to any reason like stress, fatigue of the work, rotational shifts, due to jobs in which one of the people usually remains out of the town and the last but not the least ignorance. The reason detected to be a disguise in ignorance is Erectile Dysfunction. Yes, ED! The condition in which men is not able to maintain and sustain their erection into their penile for the duration of time enough to please the couple equally in bed. ED is the sensual issue related to the health of the man, which he never wants to discuss either with his partner of his kith and kin due to fear of the insult he might get in turn. However, if this medical issue is not treated soon then the condition might worsen for the man and the man can become impotent. If a man is suffering from repetitive failure in the erection of penile than he must take this issue seriously and should visit the physician for the cure of the same as the condition can effectively be cured by the intake of pills such as Cenforce.

Cenforce is an eminent brand that has maintained its legacy from the past times in curing the sensual dysfunction of penile erection failure. The active constituent present in the brand is Sildenafil citrate. That functions by countering the action of enzymes called PDE5, whose function is to break down the cGMP. Due to inhibition of the enzyme action, the concentration of the cGMP gets raised in the cells of corpus cavernosum of penile due to which there occurs the relaxation in the smooth muscles of penile and dilation of the blood vessels of the penile that leads to the erection of the penile organ. The erection that results after the medicine intake is strong, firm and longer in measurement.

A man desiring for the perfect intimate session can consume the Cenforce 50 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg and 200mg medicine depending on their medical condition of penile. A person has to swallow the medicine orally with colossal water 55-60 minutes before getting cozy with a partner. Once swallowed, medicine will boast of its effect for a duration up to 6 hours. The medicine will continue to show its effect for a duration up to 24 hours.

Malicious effects that can hit the patient are flushing, trembling in muscles, chills, pain in the lower back, headache, queasiness, myalgia, dryness of mouth, soreness in the throat, dryness of the skin of the penile and Priapism.

Precautions that a man should take whilst relying on the therapy are avoidance to alcohol intake, tobacco smoke, caffeinated products, grapefruit juice and nitrates embodying medicines. Participation in outdoor sports, riding a motor vehicle or operation of any machinery is not the safe task to be performed after the consumption of medicine.

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