Dincy needs to pursue her career as a model. She was a swimming costume model for that she had to do many photo shot, which required intensive eye makeup. So at the time of photo shot her makeup man apply mascara, kajal, eye liner ad various eye gel to make her eyes more beautiful. Everyday Dincy participates in various modeling shows. She was a favorite model among public and coworkers. She won various awards and prices being a model. Now, she has to perform at an international level as a model, for that she has to maintain her physique and has to amplify her eyelashes to look more attractive than other does. However, she was tensed as her lashes were falling down because of that intense and heavy makeup at the time of the shot, because a number of eyelashes come along outside while removing makeup.


She started searching on the net about lashes extension serum and came to know about Careprost Bimatoprost eye drops for long and feathery eyelashes within 16 weeks. Then she searched about, can she buy it without doctor prescription and find out positive results and get people positive results. From that day, she starts using Bimatoprost daily at the same time and gets amplified and feathery lashes within 16 weeks. After that, she participates in miss universe contest and achieves the fame as miss universe as her long eyelashes make her more confident and gorgeous that was an essential factor to won the title of miss universe.


Bimatoprost an FDA approved the generic drug for the management of Hypotrichosis as well as glaucoma. It is also available as Latisse and Careprost brand name in the market.

Bimatoprost in ophthalmic preparations is a prostaglandin analog, which is used in the management of glaucoma condition, in addition to eyelashes. For eyelash extension, Bimatoprost helps in amplified the length of anagen phase and diminishes the telogen phase that assists in boosting the hair growth during hair growth cycle. This makes your short eyelashes to be broad, long, and darker.

Bimatoprost eye drop is a solution and for eyelashes, you have to apply it at the upper eyelash fringe. With the aid of an applicator or a clean and dry eyeliner applicator, you have to make a line of one drop of Bimatoprost solution. Begin with the inner part of the lash line and extend it to the outer part. Apply the solution only for one time during the night before going to bed for a standard period of 12-16weeks.

Any other ophthalmic circumstances, allergic reaction to any voter of Bimatoprost are conflicting for the use of Bimatoprost eye drop. Bimatoprost eye drop is incompatible to be taken unless suggested in pregnant women or nursing mothers. It is opposing to wear contact lenses while using Bimatoprost eye drop. Keep a breach of 10-15minutes between the usage of Bimatoprost and any other ophthalmic medication. If you are looked-for, then reinsert the lenses after 10minutes of using Bimatoprost.

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