What would be the first thing you notice in any one while getting introduced or at first look?

"The face" the adorable, the charming looks of your face makes you a different entity that signifies

  • The individual identity,
  • Emotional tendencies,
  • Health quality life and social information

Although, beauty is compared to moon we know the moon is pious and beautiful and it too has gleaming spots but its beauty is restored in the night, but if your face gets spots over time. The infection and scars leave the spots, which turn an important matter for you, get back the clear and glowing face back with help of Retin-A micro gel preparation.

So, what is this Retin-A micro gel?

Retin-A- micro is gel not the cream, but being an ointment some says it as cream, so this preparation is meant to help you in the condition of Acne Vulgaris, being a topical preparation it acts directly to the local part of infection. Buy Retin a micro gel from your trustworthy store and get a delighted aura back to your face. 

The drug is recommended in the treatment of following indications:

  • Acne vulgaris and pimples.
  • Pigmentation and discoloration.
  • Sun burn indication like change of color.
  • Wrinkles and age spots.
  • Smoothening of skin texture.

The drug is nothing but retinoid drug which is derivative of Vitamin A, that act from the inner way with help of active key ingredient called Tretinoin.

You must be wondering why this acne and blemish and all signs are coming from, you always have diet?

So the answer for your acne is this... In adolescence the increased hormone level and the androgen are the cause of the increase sebum production, this sebum is the main food for the microbes and this brings acne disorder. The pollution and dust bring the acne and age spots the sun burn all together becomes the reason for age spot and wrinkles.

Zilch to worry for your acne now...Retin-A micro is here that will help by penetrating into the innate cells,

  • Peeling effect of the topical layer, so overall turnover rate is increased.
  • Increase the blood flow.
  • Drug triggers collagen production cells.
  • Smoothening of skin texture.

The drug action is hampered or altered if taken along certain drugs so, one should also avoid using Cosmetics soaps which causes drying of skin, medicated or abrasive cleansers and soaps.  One should avoid taking the sulfa medications like Sulfamethoxazole, Fluoroquinolones antibiotics, Thiazide diuretics.

How to use the gel preparation:

Before application any ointment preparation you should clean the face first and tap dry. Apply thin layer of the medicament over the required part. The medicine should be applied during the bed time and avoid the soft and sensitive areas.

We all are the bright moon, but we all have a darker side of us so the drug also in certain individuals may give some obnoxious effects like peeling may bring redness and irritation of the skin.

Precautions or forewarning guidelines!!!

The drug is not optional if you are suffering from sunburn or eczema or increased WBC count in the body. While you are pregnant or nursing you should not use the Retin-A gel. Direct exposure of sun is harmful during the therapy, and use protective clothes to cover the skin and use sunscreen while going out. If you have any history of aversion from the drug or product content you should not apply the gel.

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