Acne is a skin disease that engages the oil glands and dead cells. It is commonly observed at the time of puberty, when the changes in the level of hormone leads to the excess of release of sebum (oil).

Reason for the cause of acne

The primary reason for the cause of acne is the rise of androgen.  The level of androgen rises at the adolescent stage resulting in the growth of the sebaceous gland present beneath your skin.  This leads to the release of excess amount of oil from the resulting in the rupturing of the cell walls present in the pore making bacteria causing acne to grow.

Acne is the most common problem from which most of the teenagers are suffering. For most of the youngsters, acne is a very bigger problem, which leads to depression and other various other psychological disorders. As looks are the most prior concern of teenagers, everyone wants to look beautiful and attractive but the trouble of acne ruins their desire of looking stunning and having a clear and glowing skin.

To get rid of this problem, they use various home remedies and numerous creams available in the market.

Some natural home remedies to cure the problem of acne are

  • Aloe-vera: Rubbing of aloe vera twice in a day, i.e. once in day time and once before going to sleep is proved very beneficial in treating acne problems.
  • Ice cubes: Rubbing ice cube on face helps in reducing acne.
  • Honey: Rub small amount of honey on the acne and blemish shows excellent results in treating acne.


Beside all these natural remedies one of the powerful and effective product available in the market is Benzagel.  It comprises of generic Benzoyl peroxide, which is an antibacterial agent and is very efficient against Propionibacterium acnes. This action is responsible for treating the problem of acne.  This gel is very effective in treating acne conditions and most of the people are satisfied with the result of this gel.

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Method to use Benzagel

Before using this gel, you should wash your face properly with mild cleanser and pat it dry. After that apply a thin film of this gel either on the affected area or on the entire face and rub it in a circular motion with light hands for proper absorption.

In case of adults or youngsters of more than 12 years, this gel should be used twice or thrice in a day.  You should not use this gel in large amount as it does not improve the outcomes, but may result to severe adverse effects. So you should use this gel in a quantity prescribed by the doctor.

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There are certain conditions in which the use of Benzagel in not prescribed. Such conditions are mentioned below

  • If you are suffering from the condition of Dermatitis, then you should not use this gel.
  • Person having sun burn and dry skin should avoid use of this gel.
  • You should avoid application of this gel in case of Eczema.
  • If you are allergic to generic benzoyl peroxide, then you should avoid application of this gel.

Adverse effects exhibited by Benzagel are painful irritation on skin including burning, blistering, crusting, itching, severe redness, swelling, rashes, feeling warmth, stinging and redness of skin.

Important points to be kept in mind while using Benzagel are

  • You should avoid long-term exposure to the sun after application of this gel or you should wear protective clothing or apply sunscreen before going out in sun as it results in sunburn.
  • You should avoid use of harsh soap and cleanser while using this gel.
  • Children younger than 12 years of age should use this gel after consulting a doctor.
  • Avoid use of products containing alcohol such as astringents while using this gel.
  • You should clean your face properly with mild cleanser before applying this gel.


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