You are a fashion freak and have a craze for trying new accessories; in fact, you are lusty for latest fashion trends. In your office, people graze you as an encyclopedia of fashion. Your fashion is an amalgamation of different cultures and countries. Although you accessed in all fields of fashion but the eye makeup is your forte. The way you dress up and style your eyes is far different when compared to others. Also, you are manic to wear different colored eye lenses. However, the case was not the same in earlier days when you joined the company after your graduation. The eyes on which you feel so arrogant today, were not that beautiful and appealing because of lesser density, poor thickness and dull color of the eyelashes. But, there is a bloom in your personality and beauty when you started using Careprost eye drop after reading the article based on the medicine on the web page. You observe the change in your eyelashes on every single week and overwhelmed with result continued its use for the duration in a manner prescribed by your physician. After successfully achieving, the similar effect in your eyelashes that, you had once desired you gift yourself that exotic look for which the boys are insane. The way you have molded yourself is commendable and the best part you never leave a chance to appreciate the effect of medicine and recommend the same to those who are in crucial need of it.

Careprost (Bimatoprost) is a sterile ophthalmic preparation which when applied to the outer lining of eye tends to promote the growth, density and color of eyelashes. Careprost is an effective therapy for the management of issue known as hypotrichosis, which is the reason of short lashes due to excessive of shedding of lash hair.

Careprost containing Bimatoprost is an active prostaglandin analog, which influences its effect by lengthening the Anagen phase and shortening the Telogen phase of the hair growth cycle. The medicine also treats the condition called Glaucoma by draining out the excess ocular pressure developed within the eye due to fluid retention.

The patient can instill a drop or two to relieve the symptoms of Glaucoma or can apply the drop by putting the same on the applicator brush and stretching a line from the inner corner to the outer edge of the eye but only on the upper eyelid. When you will close your eyes, the medicine will itself get in contact to the lower eyelid.

As a precaution, the patient should keep in mind few things like he or she should add the medicine only by properly washing the hands and face, with no traces of makeup left behind. Always instill Careprost by removing the eye lenses and false eyelashes. Using two eye drops for different purposes without the permission of physician is not a step to be welcomed.

Sometimes the user can face some side effects like a mild headache, iris pigmentation, dizziness, increased sensitivity to light, itching, irritation, or change in vision. So, surely consult the physician for the solution from the same.

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