Acne is one of the most stressful conditions for number of individual, especially among the women. This is a horrible situation related to skin, in which the oil gland, i.e., sebaceous gland, secretes excess amount of oil into the skin that further mix with skin cells and attach to the dirt particles or environmental contaminations, which develops various skin problems like acne, pimples, etc.  


Differin gel is an outstanding approach that proficiently works to treat severe acne problems to get acne free attractive skin.


Acne is a major challenge especially for woman, which is mostly arise in between the 17 to 19 years and may be continue until they reach to 40s. This problem is arising due to various reasons like hormonal changes occur due to menstrual cycles and pregnancy. There is also various numbers of factors that contribute to develop acne like pollution, excessive exposure to UV radiation, changes in the environmental condition, inadequate eating or drinking habit and reaction with certain medication or treatment.


There are various topical, oral or other dosage forms that successfully used to treat such problem in both men and women.


Differin gel is an effective topical preparation that used for external application on the affected skin area. This is a synthetic agent that efficiently reveals its beneficial action by solving the issues arise due to the skin acne problems. This is a dosage form that conducts this desired action due to its vital ingredient, which is named as Adapalene that is fall under the category of retinoid and is metabolite of vitamin A.


Mode of action of Adapalene


This is a dosage form that exerts direct effect on the growth and development of skin cells and also works by reducing the swelling and inflammation that occurs due to skin problems. This drug is also helpful to repair the affected cell and new cell production quickly. This favorable action occurs due to the blocking of phenomena of keratinocyte differentiation, which is responsible to cause exfoliating effects in the body. This action is enough to reduce the formation of comedones and acne problem.


Composition of Differin gel


This is an FDA approved drug that is available in the category of two different effective strengths, i.e. 0.1 and 0.3%.


Indications of Differin gel


This dosage form is approved to rectify severe skin problems like acne vulgaris, keratosis pilaris and comedones.


Dose and mode of administration of Differin gel


This is a topical preparation, which should be applied once a day on affected skin surface. You must apply a thin coat on the skin surface, beneficial to apply after evening time, to protect yourself from further exposure to sunlight. This drug is applied with clean hands after washing your face with a mild soap. You must apply small quantity of this drug with smooth and gently with your fingertips.


This drug may cause various allergic problems like rashes, irritation, itching, redness, dryness, scaling or worsening of acne problem, but the important thing is that these effects can be reduced by continuous use of this medication.


Application of this drug in higher or excess amount can be harmful to the patient, even if you are applying this dosage form after missing dose.


Some conditions to avoid using Differin gel


  • Avoid using this drug if this drug is not suited due to the hypersensitivity of this dosage form.
  • Utilization of this drug is not beneficial for patient, who are under the age of 12 years.
  • This drug should not be taken along with any form or type of topical preparation that contains resorcinol, sulfur and salicylic acid.
  • Some products that contain any type of alcohol or astringents in it, should be avoided while using this dosage form.
  • This dosage form should not be applied during any phase of pregnancy due to its harmful effects in pregnancy.


Important information while using Differin gel


Wash your face on the next day or morning with a medicated soap or face wash properly to remove the chemical, before going outside the door.  


Where you can buy Differin gel?

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