There could be several reasons behind your thin and scattered eye lashes. Due to environmental factors such as harsh weather, use of cleaning agents, soaps, hair conditioning and excessive use of chlorinated water. All these factors may result in falling of your eye lash hairs. Moreover someindividual may also suffer from certain metabolic or hormonal conditions e.g. hypothyroidism that may result in losing lash line hairs.Therefore, you may need some a good solution to instantaneously grow your eye lashes.

Careprost eye drop for Eyelash Growth

Many times, excessive use of mascara and eyelash curlers may even worsen the condition of the eye lashes. They may weaken your eyelashes. If you are discovering the abnormal dropping of eye lash hairs then you need an immediate solution. Today, Careprost eye drops can be efficiently used to help grow back the fallen eye lashes. It will help you grow your lash line hairs in 12-16 weeks of regular usage. Below are the working mechanism, dosage and precautionary measures to be followed while using the Careprost eye drops –

The Bimatoprost is the main generic constituent in the Careprost. It the best medication for the treatment of hypotrichiosis i.e. abnormal eyelashes. This eye serum is also used for the problem of open angle glaucoma (when pressure inside the eye increases due to aqueous humour). The medication is safe and accredited by the FDA for its therapeutic role.

  • Use of Careprost for treatment of Hypotrichiosis - The Careprost is a prostaglandin analogue that works to lengthen the Anagen cycle of the hair growth cycle. It helps to make your eye lashes hair grow thicker, longer and darker over the continuous use with time.
  • Use of Careprost against the Glaucoma treatment - The medication helps to reduce the intra-ocular pressure. Thus it helps in relieving the pressure from the main optic nerve.

The method of administration of Careprost Eye drops –

Before applying the Careprost medication make sure to wash off your face. They if there is still any eye makeup left make sure to remove it first. Afterwards take a sterile applicator and use it to draw a thin line of Careprost along the upper eye lid border. Do not toucheslower it will be self-applied as you will blink the eye lashes.

Correspondingly, for the open angle glaucoma treatment, stretch the lower eye lid and instilsingle drop of Careprost eye drops and then close the eyes for two minutes. Make sure to use it up to 14-16 weeks to get the desired result. Conditions in which the use of Careprost Eye drops is contraindicated are eye infection, allergic reaction towards Bimatoprost and conjunctivitis.

At once stop the usage of Careprost in case you observe any side effects such as conjunctival hyperaemia, stinging sensation,and too much white discharge from eyes, drowsiness, annoyanceand respiratory problems.Take advice from your doctor before starting with its regimen.

Simple tips for the best use of Careprost eye drops –

Always remember to remove your eye lens before using the Careprost eye drops. Those women which are nursing or pregnant should not use the Careprost eye drops. Make sure to use the sterilized applicator to avoid any contamination.

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The Careprost is the best remedy if you wish to regain your lost lash line hairs. Buy Careprost Eye Drops for Eyelash Growth. To get the medication home delivered place your order through our pharmacy store now.