Careprost Eye drops increase the density and length of lashes!! Isn’t that an amazing thing?!! Eyes with fewer lashes are like windows without the accessorizing curtains. But lashes don’t just enhance the eyes cosmetically, it’s important to remember that lashes also protect the eyes from dust and debris present in the atmosphere around us all the time (exposure to these invariably leads to injuries and infections in the eyes). We all know that almost all women are very conscious about their overall beauty, no matter what age group or social strata they may belong to. There are many reasons for eyelashes being scanty, like certain disease conditions, adverse diet changes, some medical treatment side effects and lack of hygiene and care given to lashes/eyes. Though not really a health hazard, hypotrichosis or madarosis is distressing and could serve as an indicator potential health issues. Eyes are a major part of external beauty and looks. Thick and dark eyelashes enhance eyes; they make a beautiful face superlative and an ordinary face beautiful!! Now some women are naturally born with thick and dark eyelashes while others have to look for alternative measures to make them so. What does one do to make lashes gorgeous, thick and dark?? Does one have to use cosmetics like eyelash enhancers and mascaras or are false eyelashes a better option?? Well none really, as they are all extremely temporary solutions.

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Careprost also treats Glaucoma, which essentially means increased intraocular pressure. It is a serious condition that needs immediate and serious treatment. If left untreated it could damage the optic nerve (this nerve is responsible for transmitting images to the brain) and that may cause temporary or worst, permanent, loss of vision. Eye conditions must be treated with vigilance and care as a single misstep can spell disaster.  

Careprost eyedrops with generic Bimatatoprost is FDA approved and has been used the world over to cure glaucoma and to grow better quality lashes. It has been seen that the growth pattern of eyelashes mirrors that of scalp hair, that means it that grows more rapidly in the anagen or growth phase. That’s where Careprost ophthalmic drops help by extending the time period of the growth phase and allowing more time for the advent of darker & plusher eyelashes. Additionally it also helps in treating glaucoma by lowering the intraocular pressure inside the eye (it increases the outflow of the aqueous humor) thus preventing blindness or loss of vision. Bimatoprost in Careprost is a prostaglandin analog that expands anagen phase of hair growth thereby thickening and lengthening the lashes. It also increases the quantity of the shade giving cells, melanin in the skin and hair follicles, ensuring the darkening of lashes. All that is required is patient, regular, correct and persistent use.

To treat Glaucoma:

One drop of Careprost eye drops 1 time in a day in the affected eye.

To treat Madarosis/Hypotrichosis:

Follow the procedure carefully for best results: Wash your hands and then use a sterile brush or applicator to apply the eye drops on the upper lash line. Apply just enough to cover the upper lash line. Then touch the lower lashes with a flutter to spread it there too. After application keep the medication in a clean and hygienic place. Wash your hands again. Make sure to wipe off any excess run-off. If Careprost touches the skin in unwanted places then you may suffer hair growth in those spots and skin darkening. Some people exhibit side effects like a burning or itching sensation, gentle irritation, blurred or decreased vision and eyelid reddening. Almost all of these side effects are avoidable if proper care and precautions are taken like:

  •     Keep a gap between applications of two different eye formulations if you are using 2 different ones for different kinds of eye problems
  •     Contact lenses must be removed before the application and can be put back on only after a waiting period of about ½ hour
  •     If there is a sign of hypersensitivity to Careprost the avoid these drops
  •     Avoid Careprost if you have undergone a recent eye surgery or have suffered from a recent eye infection or eye disorder like dry eyes or Aphakia (lens absent in the eye).


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