Erectile dysfunction is a common disorder in a man of almost all age group. The failure of erection can occur at any time while having physical intimacy. It means you are not able to maintain an erection for a satisfactory period. This disease can cause due to an underlying cause like blood pressure, diabetes, blood pressure cardiac disorder etc. person suffering from this condition may going through bad emotional and physical distress. Almost every individual wants a sensual relation with his partner as it is a natural process. However, lack of erection can hinder to complete the intimacy lust while having intercourse. The erection failure can be treated using a medication called as Cenforce 150 mg.


Cenforce is one of the best and successful medications often employed for the management of erectile dysfunction or impotence. This medication is commonly intended to overcome severe erection issues in men as it gives sturdy and effective erection necessary for lovemaking. It is consumed orally before physical relation and encloses generic Sildenafil Citrate as the active constituent.  After ingestion one will able to satisfy his partner successfully as it gets effective penetration power. Generic Sildenafil has a place in the category of medication called as a Phosphodiesterase inhibitor, which shows action by preventing the depreciation of cGMP. It does by obstructing Phosphodiesterase Enzyme thus enhances the concentration of cGMP and Nitric oxide in the reproductive area this causes smooth muscle relaxation. Therefore, a man is able to maintain an erection for an effective time.

The dosing regimen of Cenforce: The normally used dose of this medication is 200mg marketed as tablet dosing regimen. For the management of erectile dysfunction or impotence, one should use the medication at least 60 minutes before intercourse. Take the tablet orally with a colossal amount of water. While taking the medication always maintain an appropriate gap of 24 hours between two dosages and one should not use more than recommended dose to thwart unwanted effects.

Possible side effects: The intake of this medication can show some unwished effects such as flushing, a cough, nasal congestion, headache, muscle ache, nausea, indigestion, back pain, and blurred vision.  In case if you feel any severe disorder or any medical complications you should consult the doctor as soon as possible.

Important tips while using Cenforce:

  • Individuals taking the medication should stay away from the use of alcoholic beverages, fatty foods, and dietary supplements to avoid unwanted effects.
  • One should not consume the medication along with nitrate products and grapefruit juice as it can modulate the effects of this medication.
  • Do not use the medication if you are less than 18 years and do not drive or operate any sophisticated machine until you feel better.
  • Do not consume the medication if allergic to any constituent in the medication or suffering from severe medical conditions like heart disorder, metabolic disorder, and uncontrolled blood pressure stomach disorder.

Cenforce is one of the best and commonly used medications for the management of erectile dysfunction or impotence. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction or impotence then buy Cenforce 200 mg to overcome. Order from our pharmacy store at a normal rate and get it delivered at your home.