For Soft, Supple and Radiant Skin, Opt For Fair and Lovely Cream

Indians have always held a charm for fair and light skin. Your dark and olive skin tones have enhanced sun-protecting capacities than what light skin presents. However, there is a deep friendship of fair complexion with beauty. So if you have a dark skin tone, what can you do to improve your skin tone and become fair? Read on.

FAIR & LOVELY CREAM... A simple topical formulation with numerous benefits... One must try it who wishes for radiance and moisturizing advantages at the same time. This popular product is suitable for All Skin Types as the brand shows potential effects. FAIR & LOVELY CREAM is best for use on dry skin only. Treat all types of skin problem with this cream. It provides treatment of dark circles, dullness, marks which are makes your skin to look better. So you can get liberated from all these skin conditions. This topical product boosts fairness and wake up with soft and even skin with a non-oily fresh feel. Fair & Lovely cream is composed of a combination of vitamin B6, B3, E & C to facilitate you wake looking re-energized every morning.

Reasons for increasing demand of fair and lovely cream

  • Laser like precision on skin marks
  • Pocket friendly
  • Vitamin Mask lightening of skin color
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Objects Dullness
  • Eliminates Skin Tan
  • Is a good moisturizing agent for winters
  • Antioxidant action on dark circles
  • Neither makes skin too dry nor too oily

How to use Fair & Lovely cream: Dot over neck and face and massage in the cream. Use it two times every day if you want best fairness results. You can use it after cleansing the face and toning in the morning and at night. Only a tiny amount of Fair & Lovely cream is sufficient for face. This cream comes in a tube packaging with a long necked nozzle crown to dispense the Fair & Lovely cream. The packaging is safe and sound which makes it travel friendly. Due to the nozzle, it becomes rather easy to get the formulation on your brush or hand and it avoids product buildup along the sides of the mouth of the tube.

Customer review: Yes… Fair & Lovely cream doesn’t dry my skin. Even though it remains chip chip for a few minutes but after that what can be seen... Glowing skin!! I am in love with this product completely. It’s just the 2nd week and my summer tanning has washed out so satisfactorily. I completely trust this product!!!

On using this cream, you will notice the results are pleasing and you will observe a positive impact on your skin. In terms of side-effects, everybody knows the reliability of this beauty brand. It is well-accepted since very long time. Though, there have been very less chances of side-effects seen. This topical product assures beauty without side effects.



  • Requires a lot of blending or else can make the skin look dry and patchy.
  • If you actually long to try this cream, don’t go out in the sun when you have it on. It melts poorly.
  • If you have dry skin, make certain to apply a moisturizer underneath.
  • If you are wearing Fair & Lovely cream, make certain to put on extra SPF as SPF 15 is by no means enough for any weather.


For on the spot make-up finish and fairer skin quality, this handy tube is just a right buy. Buy fair and lovely online at affordable rates and get exclusive offers.