Let’s face it, not every person is blessed with faultless skin. For those of us who sense the rage of wrinkles, acne, rough skin tone or hyper-pigmentation, definitely there is a solution. Retin-A is an effective solution to give a sound relief in acne conditions. Retin-A is so popular among users that it has dominated more than half market for acne treatments. It can also be indicated to treat wrinkles. It has been confirmed to be effective for annoyed people who have had to go through acne flights. Retin-A gel shows its miracles even in little doses.

Your skin is your buddy. You love your skin and your skin loves you. It shelters you from the elements and factually keeps you together. You must do your best to guard it from any type of harm. Then, one day, acne rears its dreadful head, and you unexpectedly hate your skin. DON'T LET ACNE CREATE HAVOC ON YOUR SKIN.... QUICKLY USE RETIN-A GEL!!!


Tretinoin is the generic drug present in Retin-A gel and promotes skin renewal in an effective manner. Retin-A gel is derived from Vitamin A and works in a magical way by increasing cell turnover. In other words, this formulation clears out the aged dead skin cells thereby allowing the growth of new cells. This helps in preventing the formation of clogged pores, the chief reason for acne. By doing so, Retin-A gel also aids wrinkles, fine lines and even fades away the facial dark spots. It provides very powerful exfoliation action on your skin and also helps in restoring radiance and vibrancy to the skin by lowering oiliness.

How to use it?

For getting the best results, apply Retin-A gel in the evening hours on a properly clean and dry face. Be certain to rinse your skin suitably, as it will guarantee best outcomes. Avoid using extra moisturizers as it will only obstruct with the results of Retin-A. Just wait for 10 to 15 minutes after cleansing your skin, after that apply the gel. You must make sure that your skin is totally dry before use. Remember that a minute goes a long way! Thus by applying small amounts all over the face will assure you positive results.

When you first begin applying Retin-A gel, make sure to use it every other night, for the reason that you must let your skin adapt to its outcomes. Once you set up an application plan that works most excellent for your skin, stick with it.

If you have sensitive skin, you may feel too much redness, or your skin could become puffed-up, or develop crusting or blisters. If any of these happen, you must either discontinue using Retin-A gel until your skin gets back to normal state. Retin-A might also bring out brief faded skin in the form of hypo-or hyper-pigmentation, and some individuals become very sensitive to sunlight. There are certain less severe side effects also that come with the use of this gel including itching, warmth, stinging, burning, peeling, and tingling of the skin. Inform your physician if you face serious skin irritation or if your acne does not get better in 8 to 12 weeks.



  • Avoid application of this gel if you are hypersensitive to Tretinoin or any other components.
  • Avoid getting Retin-A gel in your mouth, eyes, lips or nose. If this occurs, wash down the region with water right away.
  • Never use this medication on dry, chapped, sunburned, broken or irritated skin, and try not to apply it on lesions or places where you have eczema.
  • While on Retin-A, it's significant to keep away from sunlight plus tanning beds or sunlamps. This gel might enhance light sensitivity, resulting in sunburn. Thus be certain to use SPF 15 (or stronger) sunscreen and dress in protective clothing if you are out in the sun.

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