Vibra tabs are useful medication, which successfully treats acne. It is also used in the treatment of acne rosacea. In individuals acne is a common cause of spots. It can affect most of the people, who are aged between 12 and 25. But in some cases it also affects younger and older peoples. Boys are more commonly affected by acne as compare to girls. Acne usually affects the face of individual but in certain cases it can also affect the neck, back and chest of an individual. It may be mild or severe but in most of the cases it is mild.


Among 10 individuals, which are teenager, 8 are affected by certain degree of acne. In these individual, generally acne is mild. In some cases it is bad enough, which require treatment quickly. Acne is generally caused by bacterial infection and it makes spots on the skin, which makes an individual bad in look. It can be easily treated by using Vibra tabs.

Vibra tabs contain Doxycycline as its active ingredient. It is derived from Tetracycline antibiotic. It has potential to pass through the lipid bilayer of bacteria. It binds with the ribosomal subunits of bacteria and interrupts the synthesis of bacterial protein. In this way it inhibits growth of bacteria and treats acne in certain individuals. It also interfere working of Plasmodium falciparum, which results in the anti-malarial action of this medication.


Vibra tabs are available in the oral tablet form. An individual can take this drug simply with water. An individual should not take this drug with milk. These tablets can be used before or after the consumption of food. For the treatment of acne, an individual should take 100mg orally, two times in a day as initial dose. It should be used 3 to 6 weeks or until acne improves. The maintenance dose of 50 to 150mg orally, once a day can be used in the treatment of severe acne. For the treatment of acne rosacea, an individual should take 40mg once in a day, with an empty stomach or generally about 1 to 2 hours prior to food consumption.


The use of Vibra tablets can cause some side effects in some individuals. These are common side effects, which generally do not require medical treatment until these sticks with an individual.


There are certain individuals, who should not take this drug like pregnant lady should avoid this medication. Children, who are less than 8 years in age, should avoid this drug. If an individual is hypersensitive to any tetracycline antibiotic, then the individual should not take this medication.


Before using this medication, you should keep some information in your mind; such as you should avoid breastfeeding, while you take this drug. You should use this drug with extreme care in some issues like asthma and liver or kidney disorder. You should not take any seizure medicine and Isotretinoin, while you take this drug.


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