When you heard about your infertility issue for the first time you were shocked, you are coping with your problem all alone and are fearful about how your partner will react to your condition. He is desperate to have kids. Whenever he watches kids playing with their father, he asks you for a baby. One day you decided to share your infertility issue with him. He is a doctor and might be knowing everything medically. You are fearful whether you would be able to conceive or not. After gathering courage, you burst out in front of him. Your painful emotions that you were hiding for a long since inside you, came out suddenly. At first, he was a bit tensed but later after reading my reports, when he said my infertility issue can be solved with HUCOG, my joy knew no bounds. He patiently and calmly described me that due to lack of ovulation there is a problem. This problem is common in many women and HUCOG has solved this problem in almost all suffering from less ovulation cycle. After few months of HUCOG treatment and with my partner's support, our family was filled soon with a baby girl. HUCOG 5000 IU has proved efficient in combating my infertility problem.

Hucog is an injectable preparation that contains hormone named Human Chorionic Growth hormone (HCG). This hormone manages the fertility characteristics in both men and women and is basically derived from the urine of pregnant females. Hucog preparation is useful in preventing the infertility issues.


Hucog is a polypeptide hormone that increases the release of gonadal hormones by stimulating the testis to release androgens in males and stimulates the ovary parts in women to release progesterone hormone. When any of the function is disrupted, it causes infertility issue. The main role of Hucog drug is to cause the maturation and release of eggs from ovaries in women and in men, Hucog improves the sperm level and prevents the condition of the low level of testicles.