Women are born with a system that will help in making eggs. With age, her eggs decline in quality and quantity. We cannot control age however if you wanna need a baby or you are in a relationship, you must have talk with your partner early or sooner before it gets too late. Even father's age also matters the most.

Some facts regarding women age and about its fertility

With increasing age the risk on women for not being able to conceive also increases. Even risk of miscarriage also elevates. Just as you touch age 32, the chance of conception lowers gradually. After 35, the fertility lowers speedily and by age 40, it may be fallen up to half enough. With increasing age, ovulation process also gets irregular. This irregularity in your ovulation may result in lack of conception. The complications such as placenta previa, gestational diabetes, and placenta abruption may happen. No women would like to be devoid of her motherhood.

Whenever you find yourself unable to conceive or you have been trying for quite long but results are not positive then you must start using HCG Pregnyl 5000 IU. HCG is known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone. This one helps in normalizing your ovulation process in such a way that it happens on proper time. Once your ovulation process regularizes, you can be able to easily conceive. The chances of conception also increase too many folds. HCG is a glycoprotein having 237 amino acids.

HCG hormone helps in supporting the development of an egg inside your ovary. It also stimulates the production of an egg while an ovulation step. Thus erasing infertility in women. It is helpful for men to increase sperm count. It is also helpful among those in whom testicles have not yet dropped inside the scrotum.

To induce an ovulation step, the required dosage is about 5000-10,000 IU intramuscularly, one day followed after the last day of menotropins.

What is the functioning of HCG Pregnyl?

The basic working about HCG Pregnyl injection is that it couples up with the LHCG receptors that are present inside an ovary. This helps in the nourishment of corpus luteum at the initial of pregnancy. Therefore, progesterone hormone is produced that helps in enriching uterus with blood vessels and capillaries for enabling fetus to grow.

What should you contraindicate while using HCG Pregnyl?

  • Never use when passing through early puberty
  • Never use when having hormone related cancer
  • Never use when allergic to its contents

What are some precautions that have to be followed?

  • One must use the injection at one time and should dispose of it after each use.
  • One must never use it in larger and more than required.
  • One must not self-inject when they do not know the way of injection.

Some harmful issues that may appear after using this product are as depression, breast tenderness, feeling restless, irritable, mild weight gain, headache, water weight gain, and pain/swelling at injection site.

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