There he was, Joseph, lying alone on what was meant to be a bed for two people. With a discontent on his face and sadness in his eyes, he lay naked beneath the sheet, the same sheet he made love under. There was nobody today, just him enclosed in his echo chamber of self-abasement and melancholy. He had held his private part in his hand, he was trying to jerk off, and he had this habit of forgetting that he was suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. The memories though, they always came back to him to hit him at the same soft spot, the one which pained the most.

He was remembering the times he held her close, she had some work so was half-heartedly resisting, he pulled her closer, hands behind her back, bare abdomen collaborating with the bare abdomen. She smiled, pulled her face off, he bent, touched her lips with his and the resistance faded and faded and died, whatever the work, could wait. Lips in lips, covering each other’s cheeks with saliva they were kissing madly. The kiss turned in violent hugs turned in throwing the rest of the clothes off, they went under the same bed sheet, she sitting over him, he holding her upper curves with his palms, nudging his face in her cleavage, caressing her back. She kissed his forehead, then his nose, then she gave his neck a bite, then held his ears with her teeth, there he was madly making his way down to her thighs with his hands, grunting, he turned over her, kissed her and went down making her moan. That was the last time they made love.

She had to leave the city for about a couple of months and that is when he found out he doesn’t get his morning woods anymore. Today she had left him, not because she just missed the sex but because she had to miss him even when he was around, ED had changed him. He didn’t even much talk to her, wouldn’t see a doctor, wouldn’t even kiss her, he would drink even more knowing that this thing would do harm in this condition, sometimes even shouting at her for no reason. This guy is work or imagination or is he? The point is don’t do this to yourself and your partner. Reach out to a therapist and get it dealt with.

Filagra is used worldwide for the effective management of erectile dysfunction or impotence in males. This drug has completely changed the love life of millions of males by offering them with a huge erection that is available for quite a large chunk of time. Filagra contains an FDA proved generic called Sildenafil Citrate. Filagra 100mg Sildenafil is widely preferred by males to get their love life back in safer and effective way.

Sildenafil Citrate is the pioneer medication of the class PDE-5 inhibitors. This drug acts by specifically blocking the action of an enzyme known as a PDE-5 enzyme. The primary function of this enzyme is to degrade a substance known as cGMP which is an imperative for erection as it leads to enhancement of blood flow as it dilates and relaxes the arteries. The increased blood flow leads to an erection.

Filagra is an oral form of medication to be taken with water. This drug is available in 50 and 100mg of dosing order. The dosing is generally started with a 50mg dose which can be increased further with the requirement. The drug is to be taken orally, about one hour ahead of getting involved in the sensual act, in a sensually motivated state. This drug is taken one dose a day. You can buy Filagra or Filagra Professional 100mg tablets online now!

The frequently occurring side effects of this medication are muscle aches, nasal blocking, unclear vision, heartburn, headache, redness of the face, or extended or painful erection.

Preventive measures with Filagra:

  • Sildenafil, when taken with Nitrate medications, can cause severe and abrupt hypotension.
  • This drug is not meant for anyone below 18 years of age.
  • It is of great importance to seek medical attention if you experience an erection that is painful and remains for 4 hours.

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