Do you want a fairer, softer and flawless skin tone in just a week? Every individual craves for a lighter skin tone that they were born with. Thus, in order to attain the desired skin color they often turn to skin lightening solutions. One such shining example of skin lightening cream is Fair & Lovely Cream which is proved to be most well-renowned beauty product in the market. Opt for this cream for an even toned skin and flawless complexion.


"What is skin lightening? Just imagine a light bulb being turned on at the back of your skin. Your skin is clear of dullness and redness; it appears fresh and younger-looking; exactly, it is brighter."


Fair & Lovely Cream works by decreasing the production of melanin in the skin and thus achieves a much brighter and fairer complexion. You can also try these home remedies in order to keep your skin healthy. Mother Nature has blessed us with innumerable natural components to lighten skin color safely and effectively. You must try these remedies on a regular basis for best results:


  • Drink plenty of water: The first and foremost beauty rule to look good in any way is staying hydrated. In this way, the damaging toxins flush out from your system and skin stays fresh and flaw-free. You are advised to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water throughout the day, particularly if you exercise!
  • Tomato Juice as Lightening Solution: Tomato is mashed; tomato pulp is mixed well with tablespoons of backing soda and honey. The mixture is gently rubbed all over your face and neck. Wash after 5 minutes.
  • Aloe Vera & Lemon for Instant Fair Skin: You just need to dissolve 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel and half squeezed lemon juice in half cup water, pour the mixture into the ice-cube tray and allow it to freeze. Massage this ice-cube everyday in the morning for 2 minutes.
  • Milk & Almond Skin Whitening Mask: Few almonds are soaked in milk overnight. Grind these soaked almonds in the morning with the milk to make a fine paste. Massage this almond paste on your face and keep it for 5 minutes and then wash off with cool water.


Fair & Lovely skin cream is composed of active ingredients Niacinamide, UVA and UVB sunscreens and other cosmetic components. Fair & Lovely Cream claims to deliver positive results of skin lightening in about 4 to 6 weeks. It is free from any bleaching agent, steroids or other detrimental components. This cream must be used two times in a day, daily for achieving maximum efficacy. This effective formula boosts blood flow in the face, leaving your skin incredibly glossy, rejuvenated and fairer.


Strengths and Plus-Points:

  • Fair & Lovely cream guarantees to help those with sun damage and patchy skin.
  • This cream is suited on all skin types but chiefly for the oily skin.
  • Fair & Lovely is free from any animal products (oils or fats).
  • Cream does not have any known side effects.
  • Product won't leave a greasy feeling on the skin.


Fair & Lovely delivers you most natural outcomes and proven to be effective for sensitive skin. Individuals use it without any hesitation. This fairness formula is best and effective for any age.


If you want an instant lift to your look, just don't wait and go for Fair & Lovely Cream; best for any season; just get it at your door just by single click. Buy Fair & Lovely Cream online at affordable prices and keep your skin fair and fresh.