Pimples are mainly occurs at the age of adolescents. It is mainly occurs on the face, neck, back and shoulder. Oily skin is more prone to causing pimples. Pimples mainly happen, when the sebaceous (oil) gland produce excess amounts of oil and causing pimples. Pimples are not severe but it causes the marks and spots on your beautiful face. Nowadays, there are various individuals are suffering pimples in their life, it can be happen at any phase in the life but it mainly occurs in teenagers. Pimples mainly occurred due to use of greasy cosmetic products.


Nowadays, there are various creams, gels, medicine are available in the market for treating the condition of pimples. But, among all these methods, Cleocin-T gel is best and effective remedy, which is extensively applied by the individuals all over the whole world for healing of moderate to severe pimples. Now, no need to take more tension about pimples as Cleocin- T gel is available for you. It contains generic Clindamycin as a main active constituent and it is widely used all over the whole world. This gel gain lots of thanks and appreciation from the customers due to its safety, effectiveness and fast results. For getting best and effective result, you should apply this gel on a regular basis without any gap.

Home remedies for pimples treatment 

  • Turmeric paste
  • Steam
  • Lemon juice
  • Cucumber face mask
  • Tooth paste
  • Apply a paste of papaya on your whole face
  • Apply ice on your face to reduce swelling, inflammation and redness


Known your drug in detail


Cleocin-T gel is a topical preparation meant for treating Acne vulgaris in individuals. Generic Clindamycin is a main active constituent found in this gel. It is only meant for topical application, which can be applied on the skin for healing the moderate to severe pimples. Now, make an order Cleocin-T gel online to successfully heal your pimples within few days.


How to apply Clindamycin?


  • Before applying this gel, wash your hands with sufficient amount of water and mild soap. Apply a pea size of this gel on the affected area and gently massage the surface so, that drug can be easily absorbed into the surface.
  • You should apply this gel only one time in a day.
  • Never apply excess quantity of this gel otherwise, you suffer undesirable effects.

While application of this gel, you may face several adverse effects like itching, irritation, redness and inflammation of the skin.


Important information:

  • Don’t apply this gel in case of hypersensitivity towards generic Clindamycin and its active constituents.
  • No need to apply this gel on the burned, scratched and wounded area.
  • While applying this gel, don’t apply any moisturizer, lotion and scrub on your face.
  • Never apply skin fairness cream on your face while using this gel.
  • Do not apply this gel near the region of lips, eyes and nose.


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