Everyone desires to have a clear and beautiful skin, but the occurrence of acne on the skin ruins all their craving of having a gorgeous skin.  This problem is mostly seen in teenagers, when they are developing their personalities.  Pimples on the face also affect the self esteem on the youngsters because at this age peer acceptance is very important to the teenager and it depends on physical appearance and good looks of the person. Most of the people suffering from pimples avoid eye to eye contact with people and keep themselves from the society and friends to get rid of the taunts that they get from others.

Now, you can escape from your problems of acne with Benzagel. It is a magical remedy to treat acne related problems and it is one of the most effective and powerful gel to treat acne caused on the skin due to the attack of acne causing bacteria. The regular use of this gel imparts you a clear and glowing skin.

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How does Benzagel functions?

When this gel is applied to the affected area, it shows its therapeutic effect by decreasing the bacteria that causes acne and makes the skin dry which leads to the peeling of the skin.

Method to apply Benzagel

A person should apply this gel either on the affected area of the skin or on the complete face, one to two times in a day.

Firstly you should wash your hands and face properly and pat your face dry. Now apply a thin layer of this gel on the face and rub it properly in a circular motion for proper absorption.

Benzyl peroxide has bleaching property, which may bleach your skin and fabric so; you should avoid contact of this medication with hair and clothes.

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Adverse effects are caused due to application of overdose of this gel or if not following the dose regimen properly. Some of the adverse effects exhibited by Benzagel are painful irritation of skin, burning, blistering, crusting, itching, severe redness, swelling, skin rash, difficulty in breathing, fainting, hives, swelling of the eyes, face, lips, or tongue and tightness in the throat.

Safety tips that should be followed while using Benzagel are:

  • You should avoid washing your face for at least 60 minutes after the application of this gel.
  • If you are allergic to generic Benzoyl Peroxide, then you should avoid use of this cream.
  • You should not use this gel if you are using any cream containing Tretinoin as use of both the creams together may lead to irritation on the skin.
  • A person suffering from various skin problems like Dermatitis, seborrheic or

Eczema should use this gel only after consulting a doctor.

  • You should avoid use of harsh soaps or cleanser on your face while using this gel.
  • You should avoid using sunscreen containing PABA along with this gel as it leads to discoloration of the skin.

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