Cenforce is a most popular medication used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. ED is a common sensual problem in which men are unable to offer hard erection to have a satisfactory sensual intercourse. Cenforce consists of Generic Sildenafil Citrate as a vigorous key component that allows men to lead healthy physical life. Generic Sildenafil comes under the category of medications called PDE-5 inhibitor.

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Is it true that you are distressed over physical intercourse with your partner? Are you facing the problem of erection at the time of sensual intercourse?

ED causes severe changes in the life of an individual who is suffering from this drastic problem. Penile failure, loose and soft erection is a common problem faced by millions of men worldwide. ED makes you incompetent to execute intimacy session with your partner. It is very important to treat the problem of ED at the right time or else it will completely mess up the healthy sensual life.


Don't stress over the ED brokenness because we have the best medication to overcome the problem of erection. By using Cenforce you can make a solid bonding with your partner. Along with medication, you can also take the help of healthy lifestyle like meditation, morning walk, yoga, proper diet, etc. to improve your penile erection.

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Generic sildenafil Citrate comes under the class of medications called PDE-5 inhibitor. Cenforce works by stopping the action of PDE-5 enzyme and allows the muscles to get relaxed.  Relaxed muscles improve the flow of blood to the penile region and hence results in hard erection that take place for a long duration of time. Cenforce works only when a man is sexually aroused.

Intake of this medication is contraindicated under mentioned conditions:

  • Do not consume this drug if you have allergy to generic Sildenafil Citrate or any other ingredients in it.
  • In case of cardiovascular, heart disorder or stroke, do not take this medication.
  • Do not take this drug in case of severe kidney or liver disorder.
  • If you are taking any other nitrate medication like Nitroglycerin than do not take Cenforce.
  • This drug is contraindicated in case of chronic bladder infection.


Cenforce 150mg is available in a tablet form. You need to take one tablet of Cenforce 150mg via the oral route with a full glass of water. Take this medication half an hour prior to your intended sensual intercourse.


It is suggested not to take this drug with fatty food, as the fat content shows the negative impact on the absorption of this medication. You need to take this medication only when you are sensual excited.

Do not consume more than 1 tablet of Cenforce 150mg in a day.


Intake of this drug can cause some side effects such as dry mouth, headache, vision problems, low blood pressure, chest pain, vertigo, dizziness, muscle pain, painful penile erection, etc. If you experience any of these side effects in a severe manner, then immediately consult your doctor.

Follow some safety precautions after taking this medication:

  • Do not drive vehicle as this drug can cause dizziness.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and grape juice with this medication as they may lessen the efficacy of this drug.
  • Avoid operating heavy machinery which requires more attention unless you know how you will react to it.
  • Consult your doctor in case of painful penile erection that lasts for more than 4 hours.  
  • Avoid using herbal and other supplements along with this medication as they can interfere with its onset action.  

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