Everybody knows that a marriage life apart from love also requires a healthy physical intimate relationship. However, sometimes there are some medical issues associated with the male genital area, which affects their sensual life adversely. Erectile dysfunction or impotency is one of such medical issues that make men consistent unable to have a hard penile erection initially and/or to have a hard smooth penile erection that is last longs enough for physical intimacy act. As a result, they fail to satisfy their love partners or making them feel charmed during intimacy act. Under such conditions at most of the cases, men become reluctant to talk to their physician or to any of friend or a family member seeing it as an embarrassing issue.


There are many reasons behind this erectile dysfunction of men. You can differentiate them into two categories i.e. Physical causes and Psychological (mental) causes. Psychological causes include various mental states of a man such as depression which can cause a loss of interest in sensual life (lower libido) as well as erectile dysfunction, feeling of stress either at home or at work, having a poor communication with a love partner, fear, anxiety or anger. Whereas Physical causes of erectile dysfunction which are more common than psychological causes may be due to the certain medical conditions such as heart diseases, vascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, low male hormone level, and high cholesterol.

However, men can protect their relationships by curing their erectile troubles with the aid of Fildena medication. Fildena medications have been proven successful in protecting sensual stories of men by sustaining them to have a hard and smooth penile erection during sensual act enabling them to have a pleasurable sensual act.

Fildena is the best remedy for treating erectile dysfunction in men. It encloses of generic Sildenafil Citrate as its main dynamic constituents. Generic Sildenafil being a phosphodiesterase enzyme inhibitor prevents the functioning of the PDE-5 enzyme. This results in accreation of surplus amount of cGMP, which widens the blood vessels in the male genital organ. This permits them to engorge with enough of blood amount and thus accomplishment of firm penile erection during intimacy act.

Fildena 50mg or 100mg are commercially available in a tablet dosage form. A sensually aroused man should consume a dose of 50 mg Fildena orally with ample amount of water prior 1 hour of planned sensual act. Drug effective action began in 20-25 minutes after intake which shelter for 5 hours in a man's body. Therefore, one pill of 50mg Fildena is sufficient for a man to consume within 24 hours.

A man may experience some undesirable effects while consuming Fildena as like of flushing, headache, dizziness, blurred vision, stuffy nose, muscle or a back pain.

Things to be remembered by a man while consuming Fildena:

A man should avoid intake of grapefruits, and high fatty meal as it may reduce the extent of absorption or bioavailability of Fildena in the body. A man should not consume any nitrate preparation alongside Fildena; it may result in a severe drop in blood pressure of the patient. He must avoid alcohol utilization, as it may magnify side effects of Fildena in man's body. Men may experience some drowsiness and abnormal vision after having Fildena so it is advisable to do not get engage in consciousness required activities as like of driving or any apparatus operating.

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