Bimatoprost is a safe, effective and FDA approved medication to treat horrific eye ailment named as glaucoma. We do aim to take care of eyes as much as feasible but there are some eye conditions that actually harm the eye to a large extent and can even result in loss of vision and one of such condition is GLAUCOMA. This is an ocular condition which occurs because of the accumulation of pressure inside the eye.  This enhanced pressure inside the eye is referred to as intraocular pressure and it can harm the optic nerve. The optic nerve is accountable for transferring the images to the brain. If the pressure persists to get exerted on the optic nerve, it will harm it entirely bringing about vision loss.

If you need to get this ocular issue treated, then you can opt for Bimatoprost eye drops, available for you at a very cost-effective price.


You must be knowing that, there are five sensory organs in your body namely, the eyes, the nose, the ears, the tongue and the skin. Among them EYES are the most delicate and most sensitive organs. They permit you to see the world around you and to admire its magnificence and also keep you aware of the dangers associated with it. It is due to THE EYES only that you are able to understand and perform every sort of work. It would be very appalling to dream of a life without eyes. The whole world would completely turn dull and dark for you. Hence eyes are not only the most crucial body organ but also the most precious one.


Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution is highly suggested by the physicians all over the world for treating glaucoma. The medication aids in easing the eye pressure and also avoiding additional loss of damage to the vision. It is also proven to be helpful in tackling the receding eyelashes, condition called hypotrichosis. Regular application of Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution can make the eyelashes grow longer and thicker. Thus, Bimatoprost has the double advantage of coping with 2 problems at a time.


This ophthalmic solution provides the way of the drainage of the additional amount of the aqueous humor out of the eyes. As a result, patient gets relief from the raised intraocular pressure, and also can be out of the danger of the harm to the optic nerve. Therefore, the signs and symptoms of this ocular condition fade away, and the eyes become relaxed.


To use Bimatoprost eye drop for glaucoma, the patient must instill only 1-2 drops of solution in each affected eye, and let the eyes remain closed for 5-10 minutes. This ophthalmic solution can be used once or twice in a day, based on the intensity of the condition. Buy Bimatoprost eye drops online at reasonable price and notice its noteworthy outcomes from the 9th month, also at the conclusion of the 16th week, you will possess longer, fuller and thicker eyelashes.


Take care of the following things:

  • Avoid the intake of caffeine containing products (coffee) and alcoholic beverages while using the medication.
  • Remove your contact lens if you are using before using Bimatoprost and wear it at least 30 minutes after application.
  • Do not use this eye drop if you have any other ocular problem.
  • If Bimatoprost solution spreads to the other parts of the face, then clean it with water instantly.


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