Cleocin T Gel: An Effective Remedy to Rectify Skin Problems

Our skin is very helpful to protect our self from the outsider environmental condition and also performs various activities to conduct our life smoothly. But, it also helps to attract someone's eyes towards on your face. If our skin is very clear, fair and blemishes free, then everyone notice your attractive beauty. But, in case you are suffering from various skin problems like acne, scars, pimples and wrinkles, then it makes you ugly and unattractive.

Cleocin T gel is an excellent drug that utilized by an individual to rectify the issues associated with abnormal skin conditions.

There are various medications that generally used to improve such type of problem. Antibiotics are one of the proficient approaches that work against skin infection efficiently by reducing the development of bacteria, which is responsible to cause acne problem.

Cleocin T gel is an amazing antibiotic drug that reveals its favorable action to rectify skin problem like acne.

This is a best synthetic derivative that competently resolves the skin issues due to its crucial ingredient, which is named as Clindamycin. This is an outstanding formula that fall under the category of lincomycin antibiotic, which conducts its beneficial action by affecting the growth and develop of bacterial cell and also reduces the spreading of bacterial cells. This dosage form reduces the number of acne by inhibiting the protein synthesis of bacterial cells and also unclogging the gland.


Dose and mode of application

This topical preparation is meant for external use, which should be applied on the outer skin surface of affected skin. This dosage form is applied with clean and dry hands once or twice a day, as per the severity of skin problem.

Always use this drug in a small quantity to apply a thin layer on the skin. Missed dose of this drug can lead to suppress therapeutic activity of this drug. Avoid using large or applying thick layer on the affected skin, in case of missing any dose. Application of excess quantity of this drug can be responsible to develop other sign of skin infection.

This drug may cause some unwanted side effects like dryness, oily skin and allergic problem like itching, inflammation, irritation, burning sensation, rashes and swelling. But the good thing about these side effects that they can be easily treated with other medication or can be recovered after sometime.

Who should not apply Cleocin T gel?

  • The utilization of this remedy is not beneficial in those patients, who have other medical issues like hypersensitivity problem to any ingredient of this drug, Crohn's disorder, ulcerative colitis, antibiotic associated colitis and gastrointestinal disorder.

  • Treatment via this drug is avoided along with certain medications like non depolarizing muscle relaxants, Erythromycin and other skin treatments. These dosage forms can alter the pharmacological activity of this drug that severely potentiate he risk of having harmful effects.

Some safety measures should be taken while consuming this dosage form

  • Complete your dosage regimen, even if your condition is improved. But incomplete course can cause bacterial resistance and this skin problem again develops in the body, which is then harder to treat.
  • You must avoid contact this drug with eyes, nose or mucus membrane, whether it is intentional or unintentional. As, this condition can cause harmful effects.

Where you can buy Cleocin T gel

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