All of us secretly crave for flawless skin tone. Who does not desire for that perfect Barbie look? Fairness of the skin has become rather significant these days. Fair & Lovely cream claims to give fair skin tone naturally and recovers the skin complexion. An individual cannot transform the amount of melanin they have or the color they born with, however you can certainly remove all the shadows and darkening formed over the years of sun exposure. Tanning, stress, and sunlight are factors because of which the tone of the skin darkens, but the skin tone can again become perfect and rosy with a shimmering complexion with fair and lovely.


Key Facts about Fair & Lovely

It was developed by Hindustan Unilever in 1975. This is also considered as the world's fairness cream and in 2004 it was awarded as a super brand. It is a unique formulation which is used as a best formulation for dark circles, dullness and skin marks.

Advantage of Fair and lovely

  • It is economical and easily available.
  • It is user friendly and doesn't contain any harmful ingredients.
  • Just within a few weeks it makes the skin tone fairer and blemish free.


Fair and lovely is a well known cosmetic product or mother of fairness formulation. It is a best ever formulation which is formulated for dry and pigmented skin. This cream doesn't contain any bleaching or harmful ingredients. Instead, it gives visible fairness in a safe and reversible way. This cream contains many manmade ingredients such as parabens and vitamins. Niacinamide is an active component of this cream which has anti acne property and helps in achieving fairer skin complexion. Whereas, Titanium dioxide in this cream works as the sunscreen agent and gives a white tinge on its application. The Vitamin component of this cream such as Sodium ascorbyl phosphate and Tocopherol helps to repair skin damaged caused by UV rays, hence it imparts skin lightening and anti-ageing effect.


Direction for use

For effective result, the individual should apply this cream topically two times in a day on whole face regularly. The individual should wash their hands and face properly before using this cream. Buy fair and lovely online to save your time and money.



  • Don't apply this cream on the oily skin as it has comedogenic ingredients such as Isopropyl Myristate, Stearic acid and on the sensitive skin as it has irritating ingredients such as Cetyl alcohol, Perfumes and Phenoxyethanol  .
  • Don't apply this cream on the cracked or broken skin.
  • It is for topical use only, use it externally.
  • Avoid the contact of this cream, with eyes or nose.


Buy Fair and lovely online to make your skin tone flawless as you desire.