The pleasure of becoming a parent is far above any materialistic or other bodily pleasure. When a tiny baby or the innocent soul calls you by "dad" and "mom", it gives pleasure in your nerves to great depth. When you embrace a child in your arms play, talk, walk or ideally see them sleeping you forgot all your worries, anxieties, agony and stress but what you get is the calmness, happiness, joy, positive vibes and the moments to rekindle the childhood fun again. Some couple remains devoid of this parental pleasure because of infertility. To know the reason of infertility is must as every fault can be efficiently cured by the injection.


Pregnancy is a blessing to every woman by the almighty but not all are blessed with it some do suffer from issues of infertility. The medical condition in which the couple is not able to produce their progeny after trying to conceive for complete 1 year with no protection taken whilst intimacy. Infertility either can be in men or in men and the reason for it are many such as lack of sperm population in the ejaculated semen, deformed shape or poor motility of the sperm, low testosterone hormone level, obstruction in the ducts that transfers sperms from the testicles to the organ of lovemaking and others.

Issues of infertility in women include PCOS, irregular menstruation, uterine fibroids, lack of LH and Progesterone hormonal level, anovulation, blockage in fallopian tubes, stress in daily life, malnutrition diet or excess gulping of junk foods, obesity, strenuous athletic exercise, tobacco smoke, booze, junkie abuse and anorexia.

The active ingredient holed up in the branded formulation HUCOG is HCG, stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. The medication, when prescribed to women in the similar manner recommended by a physician the issues of anovulation get cured and the eggs developed into the ovary, are healthy. Menstruation comes on time and the hormonal issues get resolved so the implantation done is strong.

In men, the medicine HUCOG improvises the virility; motility and density of sperm into the semen and the hormonal level shoot up to repair the issues of male Hypogonadism. The injection of same medication when given to young boys the pituitary gland gets stimulate so they facilitate the drop of testicles into scrotum usually so cures the condition of Cryptorchidism.

The dosing of 5000-10000 IU injection of HUCOG when given to women via IM or Sc in the mid of the cycle one day subsequent last day of menotropins the concern of Anovulation is cured.

Men, when injected of HUCOG dose of strength 500 to 1000 units thrice in a week for 3 weeks repeated by the same dosing twice a week for 3 weeks the issue called Male Hypogonadism, is cured completely.

The concern of Prepubertal Cryptorchidism in young boys of age 4 and 9 years gets resolved when the child is injected with dose 5000 units IM on every other day for 4 injections.

Patients injected with dosing of HUCOG might develop some malevolent effects such as nausea, headache, drowsiness, body fatigue, upset mood, slow digestion, rapid weight gain, pain, swelling and bruising at the site of injection.

Patients under the treatment of HUCOG must avoid ingesting alcohol, the smoke of tobacco, junk foods and caffeine. To undergo a gynecological examination is a must when the patient is taking HCG injection as it might worsen issue of PCOS or can develop multiple pregnancies.

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