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anavar 10mg

Real Anavar 10mg Online

Generic Oxandrolone

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What do you know about Anavar 10mg tablet?

Anavar is an oral tablet dose that is indicated for regaining weight which might be caused due to ailment like chronic diseased condition or trauma or surgery, or due to act of medication like long time corticosteroid medication.

The drug helps in pain relief when one gets pain in deep bone due to osteoporosis. The drug is actually an anabolic drug. Anavar is a steroid and this acts similar to the male androgen hormone containing generic Oxandrolone.

The drug provides relief in two ways:

As normal androgen it does not turn into estrogen and does not causes hypothalamus pituitary action thus one does not gets breast enlargement.

How the drug helps in achieving the anabolic effects?

The drug helps as an anabolic steroid and acts similar to the male sex hormone or androgen this causes serious disturbance in the growth and sexual orientation of the individual or children. The drug will suppress the die gonadotropic action of pituitary which will exert direct action on testicals, and the drug targets the androgen receptor.

Who should not administer the drug Anavar 10mg?

  • If any individual has risk of carcinoma of prostate and suspected carcinoma of breast.
  • The anabolic drugs increase the level of calcium level and due to steroids so one should not have Anavar drug.
  • Female bearing pregnancy should not have the drug as it has risk of Masculinization of fetus.
  • Patient with nephrosis disorder should not use the drug.

Which drug should not be used together as they may show drug interaction with Anavar tablets?

One must not use blood thinners like Warfarin and salicylic acid.

Do not use herbal drugs while taking Anavar tablet.

You should not take Corticosteroids as the drug may bring risk of edema and cardiac failure.

What are the safe storage guidelines for Anavar 10mg tablet?

  • One should keep the drug in cool and moist free region.
  • Keep the drug away from the direct exposure of heat and light.
  • Keep Anavar tablet away from the reach of children.

What is the dosage guideline for the drug Anavar 10mg?

  • The tablet is oral drug, initial dose of the drug starts from 2.5 mg that can be extended to 10mg.
  • An adult can take Anavar tablet twice a day and women should take one tablet in a day at max.
  • You may have the tablet along plain water, it is prescribed to take the drug along the meal or you can say between the meals.
  • The prophylactic dose can be stretched up to 4-8 weeks.

What are the ill effects that can be seen after administration of the drug Anavar 10mg?

You may notice following unwanted signs along the administration of the drug Anavar like: Nausea; vomiting skin tone change and acne production, and unwanted growth of hairs are some of the ill effects that one may notice, although it is not necessary that every individual may suffer the side effects of same intensity.

What are the precautionary steps while one is taking Anavar 10mg tablets?

  • The drug result may show varied outcomes like one may show increased muscle shape and size as its individual body type.
  • The dose results may vary from the individual to individual  
  • Females may sound deepening of voice or virilization then you should discontinue the medication.
  • The drug may bring risk to the Liver and may become the possible reason for Jaundice.

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