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Aziderm Cream 20%

Buy Aziderm Cream 20% - Generic Azelaic Acid

Generic Azelaic Acid - Aziderm Cream 20%

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Aziderm contains generic Azelaic acid as a main active constituent and it comes under the category of Dicarboxylic acid. It is used as a treatment therapy in the treatment of pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and ageing spots. Azelaic acid simply works by inhibiting the growth and development of bacteria and it also prevent the spread of the bacteria. By opening the pores and unblocking, this cream allows the skin renew itself more quickly and decreases the blackhead formation and pimples.  

Azelaic acid kills the bacteria, which are responsible for the growth and production of bacteria.

Contraindications of Aziderm cream

Aziderm is not to be applied in case of allergy towards generic Azelaic acid, wounded, burnt, sunburn, scalded, broken and in case of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Drug interaction of Aziderm cream

Aziderm cream interact with certain medicines like over the counter medicines, propylene glycol, alcohol containing products, resorcinol and salicylic acid products.

Storage condition of Aziderm cream

  • Aziderm cream should be properly stored at the room temperature 300 C and away from the direct exposure of heat, sunlight and humidity.
  • Keep this cream away from the reach of children.

How to use Aziderm cream?

  • Normally, this cream is applied topically two times a day i.e. morning and night.
  • Before using this cream, wash your hands and affected area with mild soap and plenty of water.
  • Apply a thin layer of this cream on the affected area and gently massage it into the skin.
  • Do not cover the affected area with a bandage, dressing and cotton.
Missed dose of Aziderm cream

If you forget to apply Aziderm cream, apply it as soon as you memorize, but don't apply excess amount of this cream.

Overdose of Aziderm cream

Major overdose symptoms of Aziderm cream are stinging, severe burning sensation, warmth, itching, hives and changes in skin color.

If you face any above mentioned indications then immediately seek advice from your dermatologist and get treatment.

Adverse effects of Aziderm cream
  • Stinging, itching and irritation of the skin
  • Tingling sensation
  • Dryness of eyes
  • Unusual hair growth
  • Changes in skin color

What should I avoid while using this cream?

  • Do not cover the application area of Aziderm cream.
  • Avoid the use of alcohol along with this cream as it causes skin rashes.

Avoid the use of a cleanser, lime containing soaps, face wash and astringent as it may cause skin irritation. 

Customer Reviews

Very Effective Review by Lorne Sainsbury
I've been using aziderm 20% twice a day as prescribed from my dermatologist for the past 2 months. I got very effective results. This cream is very effective for pimple treatment (Posted on 8/17/16)
Satisfied after using Retin A Cream Review by Julia Tores
I am very satisfied after using this cream. It very easy to use. i recommend to everyone (Posted on 7/30/16)

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