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Korlym Pill

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Korlym - Mifepristone

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Buy Korlym Pills Online

Korlym Pills is an abortion pill used by female of almost all around the world for its pronouncing result to achieve termination of pregnancy without the need of a doctor. It is used in the early part of pregnancy. Korlym Pills contain active salt Mifepristone shows it outstanding action in termination of pregnancy cause by unprotected sexual intercourse. It is also used in the treatment of Cushing's syndrome due to its Antiglucocorticoids activity.

What is the pharmacological action of Korlym Pills?

Mifepristone act by binding to progesterone receptor and block its pharmacological action and this activity brings about termination of pregnancy.

Who should not take Korlym Pills?

Korlym Pills is contraindicated in patient who is allergic to this drug. Do not use this drug if you are a pregnant or breast feeding women. Avoid it, if you are taking any intra uterine devices. It is also contraindicated in bleeding or blood related problems and adrenal problem.

What other drugs may affect the activity of Korlym Pills?

Taking certain drugs along with this medication may increase the chances of vaginal bleeding or cause other harmful effects in the body of female. These drugs are Aspirin, Warfarin and other blood thinners. The drug should also not combine with Antifungal, Corticosteroids. Rifampin and Rifabutin, as its effectiveness get reduce in the body.

What are the dose and directions of Korlym Pills?

Korlym is an oral dosage form consists of three tablets of total 600 mg, which is to be consumed with the help of water at one time. If pregnancy occurs, then she should take two tablet of Misoprostol (400mcg) to get more than 99% chances of termination of pregnancy.

How to store Korlym Pills?

Store Korlym Pills at room temperature away from the reach of children and pets. Protect the drug from direct sunlight heat and moisture.

What are the possible side effects of Korlym Pills?

Mifepristone may produce some side effects in the body which is includes headache, nausea, vaginal bleeding, shortness of breath, stomach pain, tiredness, fainting, vomiting, dizziness, abdominal and back pain.

To avoid or minimize these side effects women should use it appropriately and according to the safety information given below.

What is the important Information about Korlym Pills?

Do not take Korlym Pills if you have problem of bleeding disorder, suspected or known breast cancer. Korlym Pills may pass into breast milk of nursing mother, so it is not recommended for breastfeeding mother and also for woman who are already pregnant or pregnancy outside uterus (ectopic pregnancy). Korlym Pills has chances of vaginal bleeding so avoid swimming after the drug administration. It may cause dizziness so the work which requires greater mental concentration should not be entertained. Your doctor will not recommend it to take it to conclude termination of pregnancy which is more than 9 weeks.

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