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Novolizer Dry Powder Inhalation Device

Novolizer Dry Powder Inhalation Device

Novolizer Device

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Novolizer-dry-powder is a device, which is used for the delivery of medication. It is a multi dose breath-actuated device, which is used for certain dry powder medications. It is approved to use with use with Budesonide and Salbutamol (Albuterol).

This device is widely accepted by individuals. There are various benefits, which makes this device highly acceptable. Some of advantages of this medication include

  • It can deliver up to 200 metered doses in a single filling of cartridge.
  • It is refillable device.
  • It can be used as multi dose.
  • It is safe and effective in most of the therapies.

How to use a Novolizer-dry-powder

It is a device, which can be used with ease. The using process of this device is simple as described below-

  • You should remove the cap of device and keep the device in horizontal position.
  • You should press the colored dosage switch completely, by this you hear a loud double click sound and the control window color will changes from red to green.
  • Gently breathe out.
  • Then put mouthpiece of device in mouth your mouth between the teeth and close your lips around the mouthpiece.
  • Then inhale the powdered medication with the help of the inhaler by taking a deep breath. You will hear a loud click sound, which indicate correct inhalation
  • After that take out the inhaler from your mouth and keep breath hold for about 10 seconds, or as long as it is comfortable.
  • Then breathe out slowly-slowly away from the inhaler of the device. The indicator window again changes back red, which indicate correct inhalation.
  • After using you should replace the cap and store it in a dry place.

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