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Pulmicort Inhaler - Generic Budesonide

Pulmicort Inhaler - Generic Budesonide

Budesonide (byoo-DESS-oh-nide)

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Pulmicort-inhaler is an effective drug, which is used in the prevention of asthma attack. It prevents the inflammation and irritation of the airways in the body of an individual. In some cases of asthma, this drug also treats some issues like wheezing and shortness of breath. It is also effective in some lungs disorders like bronchitis.

Pulmicort-inhaler is composed of Budesonide as an active element. It is derived from the steroidal compounds, which belongs to the group of corticosteroids. It has a natural potential to interfere with the activity of various cells like mast cells and macrophages. It also interferes with some other compound like histamine which causes allergic inflammation. In this way, it prevents the inflammation and irritation in the airways and prevents attack of asthma by acting as anti-inflammatory drug.

Pulmicort-inhaler should not be used by individuals, who are allergic to Budesonide or other ingredient of this drug and in case of acute asthma attack, which is already begun, as it is CONTRAINDICATED in this situation.

You can store this medication in home at room temperature; away from direct moisture contact and heat.


It should be used with medical advice in case of c children, who is less than 6 years old. But for adult individual the starting dose of this medication is about 2 to 4 puffs, two times in a day. It is also a usual dose for an adult individual. In case of mild asthma, an adult individual should use this drug once in a day, which is sufficient for the treatment of mild asthma.

Overdose of this medication can produce severe harmful effects in individual, so it should not be used in overdose. In this case, an individual may face some symptoms like changes in the body fat, menstrual problem, facial hair, change of mood and impotence. In case of overdose, you should contact with your physician as soon as possible.

You should take missed dose, whenever you remember. But, if you remember at the time of next dose, then you should take next dose by skipping the missed one.

The use of Pulmicort-inhaler may cause some SIDE EFFECTS in some individuals. These are common side effects, which include white patches on lips or mouth, nausea, cough, sore throat, headache and runny nose. You should contact with your physician, if any side effects stick with you.


You should use this drug with extreme care in some issues like liver disorders, history of tuberculosis and infections like bacterial, viral, and fungal or herpes infection of the eyes.

  • It should be used with extra care in case of breastfeeding, as it may harm nursing baby.
  • Medications like antibiotic, antidepressant, antifungal and anti-HIV, should not be used in combination with this medication.

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