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Buy Xenical 60mg, 120mg Capsules Online

Buy Xenical 60mg, 120mg Capsules Online

Generic Orlistat Capsules - Xenical 60mg, 120mg Capsules

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Xenical 120mg is a very popular medication used in weight loss program by an obese individual to trim down his or her body weight. To get maximum weight reduction in short-span of time, it should be taken together with a reduced-calorie diet to reduce weight and lessen a lot of health risks associated with obesity, such as heart disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure and a shorter life. Xenical 120mg not only helps in weight reduction but also prevents from the risk of regaining weight previously lost. Xenical 120mg contains an active ingredient known as Orlistat.

How does Xenical 120mg work?

Xenical 120mg shows a therapeutic benefit because of its active component called Orlistat. It inhibits the working of certain enzymes called gastric and pancreatic lipases. Thereby, inhibiting the functions of these enzymes prevents the breakdown of triglycerides from the foods into absorbable free fatty acids. Therefore, these fats or triglycerides are removed unchanged from the body.

What is the exact dosing regimen of Xenical 120mg?

Commercially, Xenical 120mg is available in a capsule dosage form. A single Xenical 120mg capsule should be taken orally three times a day with each main meal containing fat. It must be taken with a meal or within 1 hour of completing the meal. To get maximum result, a person should remain on nutritionally balanced or reduced-calorie diet while using Xenical 120mg to lose extra pounds.  It is not recommended for children under 12 years of age. Never try to take this medication for more than six months.

Under what medical conditions the use of Xenical 120mg is contraindicated:

  • Pregnant women or lactating mothers should not use Xenical 120mg to lose their body weight.
  • The use of Xenical 120mg is contraindicated under certain medical conditions such as chronic malabsorption syndrome, cholestasis and hypersensitive reactions with Orlistat or any other ingredients of Xenical 120mg.

Safety steps that you have to follow while using Xenical 120mg:

  • If you are a diabetic patient, then you should communicate your doctor before using Xenical 120mg for weight loss.
  • If you are taking cyclosporine succeeding to organ transplants, for severe rheumatoid arthritis and some severe skin conditions, then try to avoid the use of Xenical 120mg.
  • You must avoid the use of blood-thinning agents, like Warfarin while relying on the treatment with Xenical 120mg.
  • You must incorporate diet, exercise, and weight control while using Xenical 120mg to reduce your excess body weight.
  • Xenical 120mg does not work unless it took along with meal containing small amount of fats,

What are the annoying effects of Xenical 120mg?

An individual may come across some annoying effects while using Xenical 120mg such as tummy ache, unsettled stomach, rectal pain, oily or fatty stools, queasiness, gas, and lack of capability to control bowel movements.

Are there drug interactions of Xenical 120mg?

  • Xenical 120mg should not be taken along with blood thinning agents like Warfarin because Orlistat may cause levels of vitamin K to decline and augments the effect of Warfarin that leads to abnormal bleeding.
  • Orlistat interferes with absorption and plasma levels of Cyclosporine, so Xenical 120mg should not be taken with Cyclosporine.
  • Do not take Orlistat and Levothyroxine together, as this may produce hypothyroidism. 

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