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Hormone & Contraceptives

A sexually active and fertile woman is able to give birth to a child. But what if she is not prepared to raise a child?  Here contraceptives play an important role. 

Technology has offered a chance to every woman to choose when to have baby and when not to have. Use of contraceptives at the time of sensual activity has reduced the chance of unplanned pregnancy. If women do not want to get unplanned pregnancy then she must use effective birth control methods. Use of contraceptives pill helps to lowers the possibility of pregnancy. There are a variety of birth control methods available such as Soft gels, Condoms, IUD's devices, Diaphragm, hormonal pills etc. Hormonal contraceptives are an excellent method to shun unintended pregnancy. 

Hormonal contraceptives contain two different man-made hormones called Estrogen and Progesterone. Both these hormones are synthesized naturally in a woman's ovaries. These 2 hormones work together and prevent women's ovary from releasing egg at the time of her menstrual cycle.   They do this by altering the level of natural hormones present in the body. It also helps to thicker the cervix region so that sperm find difficult to enter the uterus and making the uterus lining less active so that the egg won't attach to the sperm and avoid fusion with each other.

With the help of contraceptives hormones, women can successfully and confidentially avoid the risk of unplanned pregnancy. There are many other advantages of using contraceptives such as it provides relief from menstrual cramping. It offers low risk of uterine cancer.  Women can reduce her chance of developing ovarian cysts and they can also reduce the risk developing iron deficiency anemia.

There are wide ranges of hormones contraceptives available on our portal such as Mircette, Yasmin, Familon, Loette, Ovral-L, Ovral-G, Dronis and Dianette that are successfully used to avoid uninvited pregnancy. 

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