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testosterone cypionate

Testocyp - Testosterone Cypionate 250mg

Testosterone Cypionate 250mg

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What do we know about Testocyp or Generic Testosterone cypionate?

Testosterone cypionate is a male androgen hormone that is having similar action to the male hormone, thus it is used as hormone replacement therapy for the males.

The drug is used for the bulk development which is similar to the other natural male hormone. The male hormone (Testosterone) plays vital role in general growth and body development. The other medical uses are like male having delay growth or attained puberty late or the individual suffers low sperm development along low desire for sensual activity.

  • The drug is indicated for the increased development with increased production of sperm count thus helps in treating male impotency and virility.
  • The drug also indicated for the ladies suffering fibroid in ovary and irregular menstrual cycles. Even the patients some time need to enlarge the clitoris.

How the drug helps you out in ailment?

The drug basically plays role by making replacement over the naturally produced testosterone.

The drug will bind the place of site of receptor that binds the specific location. The drug will bind the site and increase the mRNA and also increase the nitrogen level inside the muscles and this will increase the more absorption of protein and one may attain increased body build up.

What are the contraindications of Testocyp?

If one has allergic reaction to the drug or its content then one should not use or discontinue the use of the drug.

If any male has following ailments then he should not administer the drug and the list of condition is given as follows:

  • If one has breast cancer or prostate cancer.
  • Even, when the person has increase calcium level in serum or blood.
  • Liver disorder and renal failure patient should not use the drug.

Along which drug you should not use Generic Testosterone cypionate?

One should not take following drugs as the drug action is compromised with such drugs like

  • Rifampin or other Tb drugs should not be taken.
  • Anti- diabetic drugs and anticoagulant drug should not be used while one is taking injection of Generic Testosterone cypionate.
  • Even Phenobarbitone should be avoided while you are taking Generic Testosterone cypionate as it increase the level of Phenobarbitone in the blood serum.

What are the stocking conditions for Generic Testosterone cypionate?

  • Keep the drug in shady and cool temperature not more than room temperature.
  • Keep the injectable out of reach of small children.
  • Keep the drug away from the direct heat and light exposure.

What is the prophylactic dose of Generic Testosterone cypionate?

Generic Testosterone cypionate is long acting drug as the salt Cypionate has increased the steady point for about 12 days and it is applied intra muscular route, the drug cypionate remains at peak for about 24 to 48 hours.  The injection is applied on adipose tissue. The blood levels of cypionate peak 24-48 hours after injection and then declines.

The Generic Testosterone cypionate is injected once in a week and dose may be commencing with 250-1000mg and this can be used according to the requirement.

The dose cycles can be given like on every second alternate day viz. ( Monday and Thursday) will be the dose days in a week.

What are the side effects that can be seen after administration of Generic Testosterone cypionate?

  • One may feel aggressiveness, increased blood pressure and increased unwanted hair growth.
  • One may notice increase and decrease in the level of libido.

What are the precautionary steps recommended for the patients while serving Generic Testosterone cypionate?

  • Pain and inflammation is also seen at the site of injection.
  • In certain case one may get water retention. 

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