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testosterone propionate 100mg

Testorapid - Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ml

Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ml

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What is Testorapid?

A sterile injection formulation that contains generic Testosterone propionate served in 100mg/ml dosage form, which is nothing but an androgenic hormone.

This medication is indicated in various interventions like:

  • Testicular failure and anabolic activity or body building and performance enhancer.  
  • Males having delay puberty or male virility or low sperm count or low libido.
  • Females with irregular menstrual cycle, required for clitoris enlargement endometriosis fibroid problems.

The drug has strong onset of action and late pass out thus one will have longer effect.

How Testorapid help in treating the ailments?

The drug works as a hormone replacement therapy; testosterone is produced form the testicals naturally from the leydig cells. The drug binds to the intracellular receptor and binds the specific site, increase the mRNA and protein synthesis this increase the anabolic action.

Basically the drug is served in oil base injection which has very short half life the esters attached along the natural testosterone increase the half life and thus one attains action up to 1-2 days.

Who should not use the drug Testorapid injection?

  • Patients with cancer of male breast should not use the therapeutic drug.
  • If one has or suspected prostate cancer should also remain refrained from the use of the drug.
  • If the user has renal or hepatic malfunction should not use the drug
  • Prepubescent or also having high blood calcium level should not use the drug

What are the drug interactions of Testorapid or generic Testosterone propionate?

  • Anticoagulant drugs,
  • Anti diabetic drugs
  • Anti TB drugs like Rifampicin and Phenobarbitone and such drugs should not be used as these drugs have potential effect on the metabolism of Testosterone propionate.

What are the safe storage conditions for Testorapid injectable?

Store the ampoules in cool and shady place; keep them below 25 degree Celsius.

What will be the dosage and direction for use of generic Testosterone propionate or Testorapid injection?

The medication is served in ampoule formulation which has to be given intramuscularly. The common dosages are 50mg and 100mg of Testosterone propionate, which is given after every second day. So overall the grand total dose in week will be 300-400mg.

While coming to dossier for the women: one may serve the medication up to 50mg to 100mg three times in a week, which is a prophylactic dose for the breast cancer seen in females.

What are the side effects that can be seen after administration Testorapid injection?

  • One may notice Nausea and vomiting experience, along with that one may notice following changes in the body.
  • One may notice increase and decrease in the level of sexual approach,
  • Pain and inflammation is also seen at the site of injection.

What are the precautionary steps recommended for the patients while serving the drug?

  • Patient should not use the drug if has any history of allergic reaction to the drug or the content of the Testorapid injection.
  • The drug may bring hair loss and acne due to increased androgen level. 

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